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  1. Zeroblazer21

    Passed the Comptia A+ 901 and 902!!!

    for now im gonna finish my study on network+ testout, then i think i will take security + this fall semester....gee i cant believe i have two semester left and i can graduate from my college whooo
  2. Zeroblazer21

    Passed the Comptia A+ 901 and 902!!!

    believe me, i did pass both..first try... i heard Comptia A+ exams was the hardest exam..but somehow i did great due, i guess messing with computers for all years somehow had to teach the real common sense in a computer sciences..mmm
  3. Zeroblazer21

    hello, IT guys/girls!!!

    hello, everyone...i havent logged my account since uhh 2012ish?? ahem. im almost done with my IT major thru getting my associate of computer sciense next spring! :):)
  4. Zeroblazer21

    Anyone here use linux instead of windows?

    well im positive these people arent too familiar with linux due to CLI to install drivers or softwares so i guess its why they, so i noticed alldeaf website have changed big time. just logged in today since uhh 2012? i think
  5. Zeroblazer21

    MVP (Purple)

    wow. i have a mvp. i havent used it for like 3 years since i have a android and my pc as a ntouch pc
  6. Zeroblazer21

    looking for a part time or full time job if its possible

    i'm located in ohio, nelsonviile, looking for a stable job. i dont know lots about ohio since its been five month since i moved out from montana
  7. Zeroblazer21

    I test my new Cam Dash...

    amazing!. i have never seen like that before. i gotta get me of that camera for the civic :P
  8. Zeroblazer21

    97 honda civic project

    lol that will be nice, yeah ssi sux but i have to wait to get it running next month, then save money, try to work to earn money more until next year. yeah i want to do engine swap next year and yes sir it will be only for daily driving. um i really care about high effective fuel, 35 to 40 mpgs...
  9. Zeroblazer21

    My Nissan 240sx/Silvia Project.

    nice car. good work on replacing the rad support frame :)
  10. Zeroblazer21

    97 honda civic project

    i can use a help in ohio whoever can help me with a long extenion. thats another way. i hope that will be great to have a helping
  11. Zeroblazer21

    97 honda civic project

    nonvtec sohc d16y7
  12. Zeroblazer21

    97 honda civic project

    my engine is a d16y7 1.6L it could about 1 gallon. my manual say 0.55 gal
  13. Zeroblazer21

    97 honda civic project

    as far i have learned about how to give my engine a good maintenance. i did change timing belt, checked tensioned as good condition, replaced the radiator, hoses,thermostat and new transmission fluid. i haven't put the coolant fluid in it yet because i need to make sure 100 percent on proper...
  14. Zeroblazer21

    Question about SSI

    cochlear implant isn't worth your time, trust me. you just have to be patient, be more specific in the communication with hearing people.s its pretty easy for having a many ways without a cochlear implant
  15. Zeroblazer21

    Question about SSI

    it wont affect her ssi lol. just inform ssi what you pay bills, split bills,etc. it will be fine as long you inform ssi co. for a new address of change, bills infos,etc
  16. Zeroblazer21

    my road trip to ohio on sept 1. any good advice?

    my best friend's bf grew up in ohio perhap maybe you know him?