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  1. MarieK1983

    Cant hear with my new HA it drive me crazy!!!

    i have to have my HA at max volume as i cant hear any sound otherwise. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. MarieK1983

    is it illegal for a group home to steal and sell/donate a deaf person's adaptive equipment WITHOUT their permission?

    im in a group home and they donated my videophone WITHOUT my permission....they told me I said it was okay when it was not okay. I think I ought to sue my group home dontcha think??
  3. MarieK1983

    Anyone from Spokane Washington??

    deaf meeting or coffee in spokane washington??
  4. MarieK1983

    My beautiful deaf self

  5. MarieK1983

    Deaf/34/spokane area/single

    i am looking for a male to hang out with and be my friend first...Preferably deaf, knows ASL or SEE. Lives in the spokane area. loves to go out for coffee. i would love to relearn ASL.
  6. MarieK1983

    Does deafness get better as one gets older??

    I heard from some hearing person long ago that deafness gets better. The hearing person eventually got fired from my grouphome for being condescending to all of us residents in the home. Plus the lead staff of one of the houses lied to the videophone guy saying that i was not deaf or did sign...
  7. MarieK1983

    In search of: CROS Hearing Aides Spokane washington area

    I am searching for a CROS in the spokane area. I hate repeating what?! all the time!
  8. MarieK1983

    What to say if a hearing person says that somebody is faking deafness?

    I have had this happen to me, i don't like it, People say "Youre deaf? No you cant be, you speak too well to be deaf!"
  9. MarieK1983

    Growing Up Going To Hearing Schools...

    what were your experiences with the hearing schools you folks went to?? My experiences were awful. i got teased, got my ears screamed in and alot of harassment. The teachers egged it on. They wouldnt protect me, at all!!!!! people used to stare at my hearing aids and then point, laugh, hit me, etc.
  10. MarieK1983

    Hi, My Name Is Marie, I Am Deaf And Am Looking For New Friends

    Let me introduce myself, my name is Marie i am 33 years old, deaf, single, looking for new friends. tried to look for deaf chatrooms, support, etc. But have not found any that are deaf friendly. I'm deaf and have been teased all my life because of it.