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    Lotte doesn't discovers many new sounds, or at least she's hardly surprised when she hears a new sound.. Today she discovered a new one that did surprise her. The sound of bubbles coming from her cola.!! At first she said "what's that.?" when she poured her cola. Then we let her listen with her...
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    Self-esteem and social well-being of children with CI

    Some research.... Of course we - parents of deaf/hoh children with HA's/CI's share our experiences we have with our own children. Sometimes we have some more info from other parents, but it takes research to investigate how children generally do with CI.. Below is one of those researches...
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    Language Planning for the 21st Century: Revisiting Bilingual Language Policy for Deaf

    Waiting for the rest of the article to read.... But a good start for a thread..
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    Music Anyone ??

    Yesterday... Lotte singing in the shower.... giving a new definition of singing out of tune.. That is.. out of "our" tune. She's perfectly in "her" tune See if this link works...
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    My old hearing aids...

    To make a long story short: Lotte carried them on her shoulders from beginning to about a year ago... HAve a look here.. and go back in history... ...... Here's a post that explains it.. We had it for so long on her shoulders because we never had to worry about loosing it, and the "Experts"...
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    Cloggy.. father of Lotte

    Introducing Lotte to those that don't know her... (here's someold info from 2005..) Feel free to ask anything to me.. or Lotte... I'll forward the question. :-) We don't use sign language any more. We used sign before Lotte got her CI, and in the time where the transition was made to hearing...
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    Research into Family perceptions of Cochlear Implants

    Research into Family perceptions of Cochlear Implants Cochlear Implant/Bionic Ear Research A comparison of Anticipated Benefits and the Personal, Educational and Social Outcomes of Cochlear Implantation in Deaf Children ARC Linkage Research Project LP0562224 This research project...
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    Singing in Signlanguage... No text required..

    Zou Zo Graag van Jurk in Nederlandse gebarentaal - YouTube
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    Visual Language: Now or Later ??

    When the child is deaf, learning to speak is very difficult.. as many deaf people here have explained from their own experiences. The first thing that a parent and child need to establish is communication. A visual language is very important to establish communication. Signlanguage e.g. is a...
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    Sign Language Applications

    With the introduction of the iTouch, Iphone, IPad etc. in our house, the number of applications increase every day. One of the applications we have downloaded is a Norwegian Signlanguage Application.. We used signlanguage - well, signs - when Lotte couldn't hear, and in the time she started...
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    Long-term use of cochlear implant systems in paediatric recipients and factors contributing to non-use (Link) ABSTRACT The aim of the present paper was to assess children's long-term use of their cochlear implant systems and to explore factors influencing the extent of daily use. The...
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    What is a negative aspect of Cued Speech ???

    I'm wondering... Researching cued speech I found only positive experiences and conclusions. It's hard, so far impossible to find some negative experiences by people that are using cued speech or have used it. Of course there are "negative" reactions like "Very few people use it", but that...
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    Swimming with CI...

    (Go to her blog to see some pictures..) Swimming - With CI - Why Not !! Lotte & swimming is a great combination. The one minor setback was that she could not wear her CI. We used signs when we were in the pool, but it was clear that for us - and Lotte - that it mattered that she couldn't...
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    Lotte Sofie - The sound goes on!

    Take off the ears!! It's been a while since the last update. Not that nothing is happening, on the contrary, it's just that there are soo many little things, that it looks as if nothing is happening... until one looks back. As readers of the blog might know, Lotte does not have her CI on...
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    Explaining Cued Speech - from an expert.

    Found an interesting post in another blog. "Cued Speech: Your Unasked Questions Answered" written by H.Franklin Hilary Franklin is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and Teachers College. She has a bachelor’s degree in public policy with an specialization in education and a master’s degree in...
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    Moderating; warnings and banning

    Just want to make this post, because it needs to be said... Members on a forum should all be treated equally. Obviously, there will be a difference of opinion, and harsh words are sometimes said, but it is to the moderators to evaluate the situation and circumstances. I found the thread...
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    What is the quality of Gallaudet nowadays?

    Found the article below regarding Gallaudet, and wondered what the status is today, as this article is from about 9 years ago. I recall reading somewhere that admission is more difficult nowadays, which resulted in quite a lower amount of new students...
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    'Cued speech' has produced strong academic results -- and a dispute

    Found this article.... hope it's of interest
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    Cochlear implantation and cued speech internationally

    Publications/BATOD On-line Magazine/Focus on Cochlear Implants/Cochlear implantation and cued speech internationally Cochlear implantation and cued speech internationally Anne Worsfold, Executive Director, Cued Speech Association UK How can we ensure that implanted children reach their...