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  1. GrendelQ

    Bimodal-Bilingual students find no lag in dominant language

    If I'm reading this right, it looks likes this study shows that taking a bilingual bimodal route, despite splitting language use between 2 languages, does NOT slow down English use (although it does slow down ASL). I'm waiting for the full article to be available, but I'm wondering why they...
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    NYTimes: Pushing Science’s Limits in Sign Language Lexicon

    Check out some related content, too: Signing Science Science in Science New York Times: Pushing Science’s Limits in Sign Language Lexicon December 3, 2012
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    CouchSurfing through a Silent World: Meeting the International Deaf Community

    This lovely video from a deaf and very talented TLC alumna and Wellesley grad is a submission to the CouchSurfing "Get Inspired" contest -- and it ends today! "Like" the video on YT to give her a shot at winning.
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    Shilpa Hanumantha Has Much to Say About Deaf Identity and Community at UVa.

    Former VL2 post-doctoral fellow and current full-time lecturer in ASL at the University of Virginia, Shilpa Hanumantha recently presented on deaf identity and community as part of the UVA Deaf Culture and ASL lecture series. Shilpa Hanumantha Has Much to Say About Deaf Identity and Community |...
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    Deaf World/Hearing World

    A friend is presenting at this conference -- wish so much I could go. I hope the presentations will be available on the site afterwards.
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    Livestream from Gally's VL2 Center today at 4pm on ASL and English Literacy

    From the VL2 Science of Learning Center: TODAY Dr. Peter Crume, from Georgia State University, will present "Teachers’ Perceptions of the Use of ASL Phonological Instruction to Develop ASL and English Literacy in an ASL/English Bilingual Preschool." The presentation will take place on Wednesday...
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    New VL2 (Gallaudet) Study: skilled vs. less skilled deaf readers: Why?

    Factors Distinguishing Skilled and Less Skilled Deaf Readers: Evidence From Four Orthographies Oxford Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, Fall 2012 Came across a very interesting article with some practical solutions offered. A century of research demonstrates that, on average...
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    Educating Deaf Children

    I find this site to be an invaluable resource, as the parent of a deaf child: Educating Deaf Children. It's a rare unbiased resource with responses to questions backed by independent research. Resources include parent questions and answers from experts, captioned (and some signed) videos...
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    Growing Up With a Cochlear Implant [new study in Oxford Journal of Deaf Studies ...]

    Growing Up With a Cochlear Implant: Education, Vocation, and Affiliation Oxford Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, Fall 2012 Linda J. Spencer*,1, J. Bruce Tomblin2 and Bruce J. Gantz3 Revision received May 31, 2012. Abstract The long-term educational/vocational, affiliation...
  10. GrendelQ

    Local community donates to provide terp for child's football practice and games

    Check out how the community stepped up to help one of my daughter's classmates get interpreters for his town's football league! Video isn't caprtioned, yet, but the article follows it pretty closely. Nice to see Kyle telling his perspective in ASL, though. Franklin Pop Warner Raises Money...
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    Wonderful first-hand experience from deaf student at Oxford University

    I love how she's interwoven her two worlds so beautifully, with both spoken language (accessing sound via a CI) and sign language.
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    I was waiting on line at L.L.Bean this morning when Li tugged at my arm and whispered "awesome, look at that!" I swiveled around and was trying to figure out who or what was so awesome, and she piped up with "excuse me, where did you get those" -- looking up at the back of the distinguished...
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    Kindergarden graduation (Class of 2024!)

    TLC Kindergarten Graduation: Class of 2024! - YouTube
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    Resources provided to new parents of deaf/hoh children in MA

    This isn't CI-specific, and I've posted much of this in years past before this sub forum existed as a resource, but I wanted to step back the decision process well before CI's come into the picture to the point where most people have their first questions and share what our state provides...
  15. GrendelQ

    RosaLee and Janis Cole: Who's On First (in ASL)

    On NPR: 'Who's On First?' The Sign Language Version On RosaLee's channel: Who's on First? ASL Performance by Janis Cole and Rosa Lee You can see how having RosaLee as our Deaf Mentor was so much fun!
  16. GrendelQ

    For Naisho: When your HA/CI battery runs out

    Why does it suck for you to have your batteries run out and no longer have access to sound? Even though you have fluent ASL, do you find yourself dependent on/in a jam without your HAs? I'm curious about why you bolded that statement, because I thought that with ASL, you would just...
  17. GrendelQ

    NYTimes Blog: Teaching a Deaf Child Her Mother’s Tongue

    Interesting perspective on language choices, both in this article and the comments that follow it. The author mentions that her daughters use sign when not wearing their devices (I think 1 has CI, 1 has HAs). The following video clip from her website is a brief snippet about (and showing)...
  18. GrendelQ

    Children's books translated into ASL!

    Children Literacy With ASL Joint Project Between callVRS and Project N.A.D.I.N.E. ASL Story on Vimeo Children and adults alike can now view popular children's books translated into American Sign Language (ASL) by online streaming video!
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    First Ivy League university approves ASL as minor

    source University approves ASL/Deaf Studies minor Written by ELLA DUANGKAEW The Daily Pennsylvanian · April 24, 2012 I like this statement: "“The minor will bring awareness to the Penn community of American Sign Language as a language, but more importantly deaf studies and the perspective of...
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    The 2012 Academic Bowl at Gallaudet is on!

    The 2012 Academic Bowl for Deaf and Hard of Hearing High School Students kicks off tomorrow! The brilliant Learning Center for the Deaf team is enroute now.