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  1. DeafAlex

    What would you say?

    I don't post much outside of the HA/CI forum because I don't have much time, but need some "advice." I read here and you guys seem really quick on your feet and good with words. So I wanted to ask what would be your response in a situation like these? Back story: M runs the tutoring center at...
  2. DeafAlex

    CI Surgery Date :)

    Got insurance approval today and a date! Surgery is next Wednesday the 27th! Soooo excited!!!
  3. DeafAlex

    My the CI Surgeon and did my Pre-OP stuff!

    Wow today was productive! Met the surgeon! He is very nice and confirmed I can have a CI in my right ear The Dr's Resident suctioned a bunch of blood out of my ears that was there from my eardrum surgery 4 weeks ago. Really gross because I got to watch the whole thing on camera lol! Looked...
  4. DeafAlex

    Today's the day!

    Today's my CI testing! Super excited!! I'll be going to UC Irvine :) Wish me luck!!
  5. DeafAlex

    Audiograms and Surgery Tomorrow

    I'm having surgery tomorrow because my eardrums are not moving at all, they're completely flat on the test, whereas before I had a tall peak. They are very painful, especially my left, and especially when I blow my nose, burp, etc. So he's going in tomorrow to clean them out in hopes of helping...
  6. DeafAlex

    Re-Thinking CI

    SO I"m pretty sure I've decided to go ahead with a CI. My hearing is deteriorating even further, and while I wouldn't mind being completely deaf, I am realizing how much it is cutting me off from my family. My siblings and their spouses are home visiting from another state. I only see them twice...
  7. DeafAlex


    Hi, I'm Alexandra. I am deaf since 8 years old. I got my first hearing aids a couple years ago. I have Naida UP's. I only have them on when I'm at work, as I'm a Preschool teacher and need to hear if something crashes, lol! Doesn't help me with voice at all, I read lips. I am 24 and just...