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  1. LuciaDisturbed

    Going bilateral...

    I am thinking of looking into if my insurance (Medicare and Medicaid) will cover a second CI for me. I want to know what it's like to hear in stereo and have sound localization. I think sound localization will help me a lot. Also, I am drooling over the new Nucleus 5 implant. It comes with a...
  2. LuciaDisturbed

    Girlfriend/boyfriend from Hell

    Have anyone here had a girlfriend/boyfriend from hell? I did. I just broke up with her today after informing her I would be moving out. She got pretty ugly and took my bed away from me and told me I would have to sleep on the cement floor until I move out. And she took my food stamps card. I...
  3. LuciaDisturbed

    I am considering Gallaudet University

    But I cannot afford the tuition. I hear that it is 20 grand per semester and even FAFSA won't begin to cover that amount of tuition required. And grants will be hard to get. I need a full 4 year scholarship but how do I get a scholarship being that I am 31 and it's been a long time since I've...
  4. LuciaDisturbed

    Washington DC?

    What is life in DC like? I am looking into whether I want to relocate to DC or not.
  5. LuciaDisturbed

    I was very lucky today...

    I was out walking my Chihuahua Javier around the neighborhood and some idiot had left the gate to their driveway and yard open and the dogs off leash/leads, and a couple of aggressive breed dogs got out and they came over to me and began sniffing my puppy and that's when I grabbed my puppy and...
  6. LuciaDisturbed

    My new Chihuahua puppy!!!

    Last week I got a 8 weeks old Chihuahua puppy. I have decided to name him Javier since he is a male and also because I love Spanish names. He is 9 weeks now and he is so cute and handsome and beautiful and so damn adorable! This is my very first dog I have ever owned in my entire life and I am...
  7. LuciaDisturbed


    Polyamory is when you are in a relationship with 2 or more persons regardless of gender and without being married. Do you agree with polyamory or not? Vote in the poll. P.S. Polyamory is different from polygamy.
  8. LuciaDisturbed

    How old were you...

    How old were you when you first suspected you might be gay or lesbian and how old were you when you came out of the closet?
  9. LuciaDisturbed


    I was nearly raped/sexually assaulted yesterday. I was walking home and a man popped out of the bushes and tried to speak to me. I couldn't understand him but noticed his left arm was moving and I looked downward and saw his penis. He was shaking/jacking off his penis right out of his pants. I...
  10. LuciaDisturbed

    Ga. Law Could Give Death Penalty for Miscarriages

    Ga. Law Could Give Death Penalty for Miscarriages | Mother Jones Ga. Law Could Give Death Penalty for Miscarriages By Jen Phillips on Wed. February 23, 2011 4:32 AM PDT It's only February, but this year has been a tough one for women's health and reproductive rights. There's a new bill...
  11. LuciaDisturbed


    I want to say to everyone on AD that I am sorry for how I treated everybody in the "friendship advice" thread. I was very upset that day that I've lost a good friend. So, I am sorry. I don't know any other way that I am sorry except this. That's all I got to say. I also felt hurt that some ADers...
  12. LuciaDisturbed

    ATTENTION ADers!!!

    ATTENTION!!! I want to make an announcement: Elvis Presley is NOT that cute. And he sucks. His hair is stupid and greasy. People, PLEASE stop dressing and wearing your hair like him and impersonating him! Quit it with that, now. He's not that cool. He's lame! He's dumb. I'd rather see John...
  13. LuciaDisturbed

    Do animals (such as pets) have souls?

    I am curious about animals such as pets having souls or no souls like humans being having souls. This is only out of pure curiosity, and this has nothing to do with any specific religion. Please, NO religious/religion discussions allowed. Stay on the topic of pets having souls or no souls and...
  14. LuciaDisturbed

    Baby burns after mum has 'one can of lager'

    Baby burns after mum has 'one can of lager' I feel so bad for the poor baby!
  15. LuciaDisturbed

    Why do parents insist on ear piercings on babies and toddlers?

    I am wondering why so many parents think it is OK to put their babies or toddlers through pain and trauma to get their ears pierced at such a young age? Without their consent? I have seen and heard poor babies and toddlers scream at the top of their lungs and cry hard when their ears get pierced...
  16. LuciaDisturbed

    Your favorite body part?

    What is your favorite body part ON YOUR BODY? (not other people's bodies). And why? I like my dark chocolate brown eyes. Simply because I inherited it from my very dear mother.
  17. LuciaDisturbed

    What is your natural hair color?

    What is your natural hair color? Please vote in the poll. If you choose "other" please specify in your post what your natural hair color is. I'm just curious. Thanks!
  18. LuciaDisturbed

    What are the color of your eyes?

    What are the colors of your eyes? Brown? Blue? Green? Hazel? Grey? Or mixed, like for those with Waardenburg's syndrome which can result in one blue eye and one brown eye or something like that? I'm just curious here! Vote in the poll!
  19. LuciaDisturbed

    My hip surgery

    Last Tuesday on March 9th I had surgery done on my left hip to fix a labrum tear and they also found my labrum bruised and torn all over and also they shaved some of the bone off of my hip joint to make it more round. I was kept overnight for observation and was discharged late yesterday around...
  20. LuciaDisturbed

    Deaf nurses?

    Lately I have been thinking about becoming a nurse after I have my surgeries and have healed to the point where I can finally start working again. I wonder how do Deaf nurses do it? I don't want to work in nursing homes as they are boring. I want to work in the hospital on the medical floor...