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    Only Me Back again

    Hello all As you might remember Im Totally Deaf and thought the world owed me h a ha. I've had rough ride past year, hey!! whats new...Tinnitus in Both ears Doing my head in, it really is... Now waiting for Appointment with Neurologist as Im forgetting things and not silly things either...
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    Once again I say hello, Ive been a bit of a pain Few couple years after losing ALL my hearing, after many many operations and Cochlear implant failure. Communications in house and outside and outside is another issue, i find it hard to go outside now :-( I have had posts on here before but...
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    Hello friends

    Been a long time but Ive had operation after operation, and been attempting a Blog, lol bad start tooooo long, but got better as it went along, Only 15 years to go and it gets more and more interesting..well If you look, be prepared for long read lol... Well good luck to you all... Stu...
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    Hello :-)

    Been awhile since last on but hospital this and that, never ends... Anyway Ive just started blogging, and it is my 1st, And its open for reading, But take note, It WILL need re-arranging, wording, better formatting..So All I have at moment is like a jotter..And Im not half way yet....1st post...
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    Profoundly Deaf and tinnitus both sides

    Anyone ????
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    hello :-)

    Hi Been away awhile, in and out of hospital, ear op, nearly Cochlear op, it was stopped while i was on operating table, my heart played up :-( this that Tinnitus badly past few years, and its 24/7. Once again hello, Im back Stu
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    where do i start

    I dont think it has been done, if it has they were guinea pigs...but i have been offered a double cochlear implant.......... I really dont know if im going through with this, ive been given 4 weeks to decide, but to me thats abit quick, i wont be rushed.... I WILL have complications, 1st i...