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  1. rockinlife

    Procrastinating, Any Body Else?

    I am procrastinating on writing a final essay for my critical thinking class, I really don't want to write it. anybody else procrastinating right now?
  2. rockinlife

    Interpreter problem? Maybe

    I'm deaf, a university student studying engineering. I finished a really hard math class this quarter, and I didn't do well, have to take it again. Most people in the class say the teacher was hard. True, that teacher was sometimes unreasonable. That not mattering, does anybody think having an...
  3. rockinlife

    Deaf college student looking for friends.

    I'm lexi, I study at Cal poly. I'd love to make a new friend who I can sign with.. Facetime, skype, even text... I might get a glide? I can help beginning signers, but I'd also like to sign with natural or advanced signers. I'm 19, it would be cool to be able to sign with somebody around my age...
  4. rockinlife

    Meeting the hearing parents

    This weekend I'm meeting my boyfriends hearing parents... I'm so nervous!!! I hope they like me enough. Anybody have any advice?
  5. rockinlife

    patience with hearing boyfriend

    I love my boyfriend with all my heart, but sometimes It's hard. Communication is tough, and he's learning... But it's still frustrating sometimes. It's the little things, like when he's trying to get my attention, sometimes he'll forget and not tap me, or turn the lights on and off, or how he...
  6. rockinlife

    Midterm frustrations!

    I'm an engineering student, everything's visual anyway, but I'm in a hearing world every day, and sometimes gets frustrating to have people keep talking at you all day, and all you want to be able to do is communicate with your own language, and it gets frustrating. I wish I could just talk...
  7. rockinlife

    Calling any artist/creative people

    I have a really nice tribal/feminine tattoo on my ribs of wings.. It's medium sized and I wanted to add something to it, but I don't know if I want words, or I want something else does anybody have an idea for Anything? It's tricky! Thanks!
  8. rockinlife

    out of my realm!

    I study at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I am hard of hearing, and can't hear out of my left ear, and my right isn't that great. Grew up with sign language. I study engineering. the math and engineering classes are ok because I don't need to hear everything to be proficient in them. But I had to...
  9. rockinlife

    Hi from California!

    Hi my name is Lexi, I am currently attending college as a mechanical engineering major, and I am hard of hearing. I can't hear out of my left ear, right's not great either... my mom is hearing, but my little sister is almost completely deaf. My sister isn't the first family member that's deaf...