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    Chuck barris dead at age 87

    Chuck Barris game show creator of such shows as: The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game, The $1.98 Beauty Show and the Gong Show has died.
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    Fsu Study: Apollo Astronauts Had More Heart Disease

    Just read this study and hope that NASA and the other space agencies around the world aren't going to put too much stock in it. The study was conducted by Michael Delp. [ Delp’s research found that 43 percent of deceased Apollo astronauts died from a cardiovascular problem. That is four to five...
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    Fireball Streaks Across Several States Night Sky

    It was seen in Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California sky's at about 9:45 pm. Nellis AFB said it was a part of a rocket launched on Monday reentering the atmosphere.
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    Another Unarmed Black Man Lying On Ground With Hands In Air Shot By Police In Miami
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    Anyone Having Apple Maverick Upgrade Problems

    We installed the new upgrade for Apple's Maverick operating system on 7/5/14 and immediately after the install the computer would not wake up after going to sleep and would have to be shut down and restarted. The following week saw the computer slow down and then by 7/10/14 all the on screen...
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    new to alldeaf

    Hi, I'm new to alldeaf, but not to hearing loss forums. I have had hearing loss since age 4, mumps/measles, diagnosed with HF loss at age 10, but was able to get by without hearing aids until several years ago. Currently studying to become a HIS in California and am Looking forward to...