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    Survey Regarding Asl Literature -- Help!

    Hi everyone! I wonder if anyone here remembers me. :-) I was formerly an interpreter, then became a teacher of English in ASL for deaf college students. Sadly illness and disability ended my career, and pretty much everything else in my life (except my darling husband!). Since then I've tried...
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    Hey y'all

    Just wanted to say hi. It's been quite a while! I quit my job as an interpreter to begin teaching English in ASL to underprepared deaf college students (also writing all the curriculum), which was the best job I'd ever had. Unfortunately, I've now become disabled by chronic illness, and had to...
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    Hey terps: any of these questions sound familiar?

    Dumb things said to interpreters: You’re an interpreter? Do you know Braille?
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    Mass Effect

    Anyone played this? Any tips for a beginning Infiltrator? :)
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    Vote for Zen?

    I entered Zen in this pet photo contest sponsored by Bissell. You can enter a photo every week and then the next week people vote on them. Here's my girl: She's in my lap right now and says thankz! :fingersx:
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    I want to get into Pokemon.

    I know nothing about it but so many people talk about it that I want to give it a try. Which game should I start with? I would prefer to play on the DS but the 360 would be okay also. I have a PS2 but don't play it much. Also, any good sites for noobs to read?
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    Terps: what do you think of this?

    YouTube - Nationl Anthem Fenway Park A summary of the video. It was Disability Awareness Day at Fenway and they had a young autistic man singing the anthem. Partway through he appears to get nervous and begins giggling and can't finish the song. The entire stadium joins in and helps him...
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    I'm on the WoW front page.

    My new husband and I are Glain and Lyrala: World of Warcraft Community Site (you have to scroll to the bottom of the page, in the "Community Spotlight" box)
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    I'm married!

    Despite the fires in Southern California and the crazy weather, everything was absolutely perfect. I'm relaxing with my husband (!) in a hotel for a couple of days before I have to go back to work :eek2: but I just wanted to say how happy and lucky we are! I guess I better change my sig.....
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    Does anyone use this for video chatting? I've used it but only with hearing people and talking, so I'm curious if it works well with sign.
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    Poor Satori needs to stay at the vet.

    She had to have minor surgery today and has to stay overnight, but my fiancé and I are leaving this weekend for my cousin's wedding. So we decided to board her there so she can have the best medical care available (it's a well known clinic specifically for cats). I'm glad she'll be there when...
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    Deaf kid in Penny-Arcade comic.

    I thought this was really funny. The gag is that Gabe has been OBSESSED with Pokemon for the last few comics. And in a weird way it's a positive view of deafness (the mom and kid signing to each other, and the kid even using the correct sign!). Penny Arcade! - The Tournémon, Part Three
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    Another sign language e-card

    Someone was asking about these and I found another one: Welcome to your world on! Those of you who don't like the ILY sign won't like it, and I suppose it also seems weird coming from someone who does sign (check it out and you'll see what I mean) but I can't help it, I...
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    Need Mac expert advice

    Yes, I mean you guys! I'm considering getting a MacBook Pro. The most graphics-intensive thing I will be running on it is World of Warcraft so I'm considering whether to get a refurbished model with an ATI 1600 card or the new model (Santa Rosa) with the NVidia 8600. However, I've also heard...
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    ASL Father's Day card

    In case you didn't know, has a bunch of ASL e-cards, and I just saw that they have one for Father's Day, in case you're interested in sending one. E-cards
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    When gamers marry...

    ...we send out "save the date" cards that look like these. (I know this isn't technically about gaming but I thought you guys might enjoy seeing this.)
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    Global Gaming League

    Has anyone heard of this, or are you a member? GGL - Home I have a family member who may invest in it so I'm trying to figure out if it's any good, or well known.
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    VeeCee TV in the UK

    Has anyone heard about or used this? BBC NEWS | Technology | IPTV for deaf people takes off
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    "One of these things is not like the other..."

    " of these things just doesn't belong."
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    Looking for advice as a teacher

    So as I mentioned in another thread, I will be beginning this year to teach writing classes to deaf students at the community college where I've been an interpreter for several years. This is kind of an unusual program in that all the classes -- grammar, reading, writing, math, etc. -- are...