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  1. Zeroblazer21

    Passed the Comptia A+ 901 and 902!!!

    believe me, i did pass both..first try... i heard Comptia A+ exams was the hardest exam..but somehow i did great due, i guess messing with computers for all years somehow had to teach the real common sense in a computer sciences..mmm
  2. Zeroblazer21

    hello, IT guys/girls!!!

    hello, everyone...i havent logged my account since uhh 2012ish?? ahem. im almost done with my IT major thru getting my associate of computer sciense next spring! :):)
  3. Zeroblazer21

    looking for a part time or full time job if its possible

    i'm located in ohio, nelsonviile, looking for a stable job. i dont know lots about ohio since its been five month since i moved out from montana
  4. Zeroblazer21

    97 honda civic project

    as far i have learned about how to give my engine a good maintenance. i did change timing belt, checked tensioned as good condition, replaced the radiator, hoses,thermostat and new transmission fluid. i haven't put the coolant fluid in it yet because i need to make sure 100 percent on proper...
  5. Zeroblazer21

    how about making a deaf group in final fantasy 14 online?

    i want to have a good time in ff14 until we can get 2.0 version aka a reborn. so why not? i havent made lots of friend in ff14. :/
  6. Zeroblazer21

    my road trip to ohio on sept 1. any good advice?

    I'm moving to Ohio, made sure my car is ready, checked spark plug, and replaced the wires, rewired with a new IAT plug wire from eBay, new exhaust hangers, new sets of tires, new brake pad, my air filter is still good, changed my transmission oil and engine oil, and took it for radiator service...
  7. Zeroblazer21

    i think i'm starting to have a addiction about final fantasy 14 online game

    i always have been a huge fan of final fantasy series...but that been never happened to me before after playing ff14, i almost got addicted to it..i kinda stopped playing it after realizing it is getting me distracted, didn't sleep lots. (killing my times to move out to ohio next month, gotta do...
  8. Zeroblazer21

    honda body part

    hmm do you think i can get a free front bumpter (stock) i didnt have time for get one. it almost been 2 month since i'm on TIGHT budget. so is there anyway to get it free?
  9. Zeroblazer21

    KN air filter..i got it on my car now

    i wanna know how does it work when you can do maintance on that kn air filter?? i have heard about use oil and clean on that filter then get dirts on it, and kill the motor? thats what i heard from someone who i know live in billings and he said he dont like it but i heard its popular for civics...
  10. Zeroblazer21

    gas price

    i heard there was a offical news about gas price go down to 3.00. and they said it will be stablize by summer and it wont go up because most of citizens complained about how gas prices some ppls cant go to work until paychecks ouch but they decided to get the gas price down continuous until its...
  11. Zeroblazer21

    NEED a power supply with a pfc

    my friend's custom pc's psu died he cant afford to get a new psu due to tight budget. he's deaf,too. i was hoping anyone can help me? any free psu that can handle and work thanks!
  12. Zeroblazer21

    so you guys planning to get a SSD??

    i plan to get that ssd from crucial due to good reviews - Crucial M4 CT128M4SSD2CCA 2.5" 128GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
  13. Zeroblazer21

    The Great Steam Treasure Hunt December 6th - 20th

    i need a help w the objective for adding the friends on steam..soo anyone want to help me..ask me about my steam nickname to added check this link Welcome to Steam
  14. Zeroblazer21

    blacklight: tango down for 99 cent from game on window!!

    there's a good deal for blacklight tango down for 99 cent heheh i got it like 2 month to waste it but oh well haha. anyone want to play this game w me online?? here's the links Day4 - Games For Windows :)
  15. Zeroblazer21

    need a help with server to get right with dsl ports

    i need to figure it out.. i want to help my friend who have a camfrog server.. he try to figure it out how to get server on his dsl port to allow
  16. Zeroblazer21

    shall i update motherboard bios from @ Bios program?

    i saw new update from gigabyte website for my mobo.. i just wonder i can stay w my current bios or..shall i update bios on sound risky to update lol. i just have a program called "@BIOS that update mobo's bios without entering bios to update.
  17. Zeroblazer21

    A deaf camfrog tongiht for my room let me know

    i'm trying to gather deafies for my room..let me know if anyone want to chat in the room....let me know it's gonna be fun on cam to cam for chatting :P it's tonight.. but can do every day for nites
  18. Zeroblazer21

    camfrog room for deaf..

    i'm trying to gather lot of deafies for my room.. pls let me know if you want to join to have a good time, chatting and meet new peoples.
  19. Zeroblazer21

    oh man. this android phone is too awesome.

    i just got it from's free grandma paid for this is my frist time for using a android. it's a samsung fascinate...i didnt know it had facebook games,too. Samsung Fascinate | Galaxy S | Samsung SCH-I500 - Cell Phones
  20. Zeroblazer21

    i wonder what's like in gallaudet?

    i havent went to any college. yet i'm still workin on math level to reach college level. this lol. right now i'm going to adult thing i dont get why we deaf have to feel it's the limit to what we can do?