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    Maui gave me an owie:-)

    I hope you received the flowers I sent you today at Maui Memorial Center? Again, if my FFM can help you and your husband upgrade to first class Im happy to donate them to ya. Praying you have a pain free flight home tomorrow. Sorry this happened and wishing you a quick recovery.
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    alldeaf Friends ~JustAGirl & Angel1989~

    I’m thinking about my alldeaf friends (Angel1989 & justagirl) that are having a hard time right now. Just want them both to know they are in my thoughts and I pray for a quick recovery for you both! Both of ya take care.
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    Maui gave me an owie:-)

    It does not sound as YOU did anything to ruin the trip but more like the wave did. Things happen and it's not your fault so DON'T blame yourself!!
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    Maui gave me an owie:-)

    Oh I'm so very sorry to read this...... My heart goes out to you and your husband. I have FFM (frequent flyer miles) I can donate to you for an upgrade to First Class, if that would help. I should have enough to cover you and your husband. Let me know.
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    Closed captioning problems

    Also check the video has the CC icon before downloading from iTunes. You are welcome....Happy to help.
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    Closed captioning problems

    Issue # 2: a little more info: Sorry I forgot to add the URL. How to Turn On Closed Captioning for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and Find Movies - Apple Toolbox
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    Closed captioning problems

    Issue #2: Answer You turn on Closed Captioning before playing movies during which you might want to display captions. The closed Captioning feature stays on until you turn it off. Steps: 1) Begin by tapping the Settings icon on the Home screen. The Settings dialog appears. 2) Tap Video in...
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    What Song Are You Listening To?

    Jason Aldean - "Dirt Road Anthem (Lyric Video)" Dirt Road Anthem (Lyric Video) - Jason Aldean
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    CI Surgery approved today

    Wondering if my anniversary gift found its way to you and your husband? I hope I was not too late. My offer still stands, if you video the appt. Im happy to add the conversation ( captions) to the video for you. It's still not same as knowing what the adui is saying right then. But you will...
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    When no one wants to be there friend maybe it will hit them what horrible people they are.
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    Just makes you sick anyone would want to be mean and hurtful to others!
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    Expedia ad, Lesbian Wedding a Father's Thoughts

    URL to also find video on YouTube with Captions: Find Your Understanding - YouTube
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    What did you do today? Part II

    SF for Giants Game My husband is one of those fools in San Francisco this weekend, for a baseball game. It only took the girls a few seconds to give up on looking for daddy on TV. ;-)
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    Expedia ad, Lesbian Wedding a Father's Thoughts

    Video With Captions You were so correct and its a very beautiful video.. If everyone could be more understanding of others and realize we are all human with feeling. Treat people the way you want to be treated no matter how different you feel they are. Captions Add to Video...
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    Captions at the Movies

    A tool I've used.... CaptionFish Captionfish - Theater Directory The webpage gives you a list of theaters playing movies with CC, and show times
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    Expedia ad, Lesbian Wedding a Father's Thoughts

    I'll see if I can add captions. Give me a little time and I'll let you know if possible or not.
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    Myself no allergies, my youngest bees. My oldest we found at 2/3 months old was allergic to eggs, nuts, berries, wheat, soy, milk at 5 year old we added tree pollen, grass pollen, and cats to that list. The good news is none of these are life threatening in small amounts. The bad news is...
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    Hoping someone will see this and find interest

    Pot Calling the Kettle Black WOW! MarkFromNJ if that’s not the pot calling the kettle black with “Maybe you should spend less time judging me seeing as you don't even know me.” to Angel… If you knew her you would know she would NEVER EVER put someone down. Angel is one of the most helpful...
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    Writing in asl syntax / grammar

    Dyslexia Might also consider some on here could be dyslexic. Tho, they read well enough to understand, but writing can be an issue still. May have nothing to do with deaf people using ASL
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    Business Cards?

    I'm guessing these people that get embarrassed by you being load don't get out much because the hearing can be very loud. I would just be yourself! if your worried about it ask a friend or your husband to give you a sing when your loud or when your good. That is what my friend and I do. I...