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  1. KerBear

    Learn asl online resources?

    I remember reading a post here in the last month or so that listed several good "learn ASL online" websites, but now I can't find the post, so I'm wondering if someone can recommend some sites again? Or can someone point me to the aforementioned thread? I understand that it is always preferable...
  2. KerBear

    Chattanooga, tennessee bus crash update

    There have been some disturbing updates on the November 21st Chattanooga bus crash that killed 6 students and injured many more. I believe the findings were expected, but it's still horribly disturbing to know that someone in charge of caring for young children could be so incredibly...
  3. KerBear

    Deaf Metis Woman Wins Human Rights Case (Deaf Doctor)

    This is great to see! A Deaf, Canadian Metis doctor was denied an ASL interpreter to complete her medical residency in Vancouver, B.C., and had to leave her medical program. She won her human rights case against the medical program and the hospital. This could be huge in terms of setting a...
  4. KerBear

    Second Hearing Aid - WOW!

    I don't post on this forum very often, but since the last few days have been somewhat life-altering, I thought I'd share my story in case anyone else might benefit. Here's a quick history. I had a "slight" hearing loss in the low frequencies only in my right ear from aged 4 until my twenties...
  5. KerBear

    HOH Parent Meet Up

    I'm just wondering if any of you who are HOH and have young children (ages 0-12) would be interested in joining a meet up for HOH moms (and dads!) in your area? I ask because where I live, I don't know of anyone (besides me) who is HOH and also has young kids. I've specifically been looking at...
  6. KerBear

    Hello from Canada!

    Hi... I've been lurking on this site since last summer when I discovered that I needed a hearing aid. Long story short, I was diagnosed with a "slight" hearing loss in my right ear when I was 3. At that time, my left ear had normal hearing and remained that way for a long, long time. About 2...