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    Contacting a Service Desk ?'s

    Hi everyone, This doesn't have anything to do with hearing; it's a project for my class. It's about customer service and service desks. I just wanted answers from people other than hearies. Thanks in advance. Stella A. Have you ever contacted a service desk for support? B. How...
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    Deaf Computer Professionals???

    I'm getting my AS in Computer Science. I was going for database, but I had to drop an Oracle class that is offered once a year and only online. I was really frustrated trying to manage Oracle in a Virtual Box on my laptop when I also needed to use it to look up PL/SQL commands. So, I switched...
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    Guardian article on sign language

    I thought this was a very good article. Signed Languages Can Do So Many Things Spoken Languages Can't
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    Navigating a Hearing World

    How do you handle random people who talk to you and you can't hear them? I'm talking about the cashier at the grocery store or the person in line behind you who try to make small talk?
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    Stella's Intro

    Hello Everyone, I have a progressive hearing loss and I'm severely hearing impaired. My left ear is severe to profound and my right ear is profound. I have about 40% speech recognition in my left ear and none in my right. I rely on what I can still hear and lip reading to communicate. I...