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  1. SpiceCake


    Because I’m losing my hearing and want more ways to be able to communicate with people.
  2. SpiceCake

    Over the hearing aid choices

    To each their own - there's nothing wrong with wanting HAs that blend in with your hair or skin tones. But I'd love hearing aids that feel a little more fun to me. Blue, or purple? Has anyone found colorful options in any hearing aids that are made for adults?
  3. SpiceCake

    Hard of hearing mom learning ASL with daughter

    Hey there! I'm in a similar situation; HoH (hearing is getting worse) and trying to learn ASL. My kids are interested, but unfortunately resources in my area seem to be few. What have you been using so far?
  4. SpiceCake

    Hello from a newbie

    Hey! I'm SpiceCake, a mid-30s mom and mental health therapist in the midwest (US). I was diagnosed with a hearing loss several years ago and am a hearing aid wearer, but my loss is getting worse, so I'm trying to learn ASL as well. Unfortunately, I don't really know anyone who uses it, and it...