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  1. Mudkipz

    What Are You Reading Right now?

    For Hearing People Only I'll Scream Later by Marlee Matlin
  2. Mudkipz

    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    I'll be adding all of you. Finally got time to practice ASL on webcam as I recently finished all of my classes and finals for the semester. :-) my Skype name is: ASLearner
  3. Mudkipz

    Pics of you - Part V

    I agree! Great edits!
  4. Mudkipz

    Hello! I'm hearing and would like to learn/make some deaf friends.

    Hey welcome to AllDeaf! :) Do you have Skype? I'm looking for more friends to practice with. Really becoming more comfortable with webcam lately!
  5. Mudkipz

    What did you learn today? Part II

    Put a man in Japan for one year will almost always beat a man taking Japanese class for one year. Environment is more critical for you to learn a new language than taking a class, but sure... doing both is good as you can build some groundwork from what you have learned in class or from other...
  6. Mudkipz

    Annoying ignorant hearing people stories

    Can't BREATHE!
  7. Mudkipz

    How do you sign...

    Make a shape of a typical heart with both of your index fingers and then sign 'BREAK'... yup in front of your heart. :(
  8. Mudkipz

    ASL only!!!

    Up till now, 8 months asl learn me. Asl awesome language. Very easy. Expression? Good practice. Asl done? English speak me. Expression from asl help. :) now night church go me. For-what? Recovery. Take-away bad habits, bad past, bad things. Finish? Feel good. EVERYTHING ASL! (yay)
  9. Mudkipz

    A Motorcycle Thread About Absolutely Nothing!

    Badass helmet Jiro!!
  10. Mudkipz

    Hey, everyone! :)

  11. Mudkipz

    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    Hello AllDeaf ASL students and members! I'm adding all of you, so we can have a blast signing to each other! This week is Spring Break and because of that, I now have some time for me to practice ASL whenever my friends are busy with their break. :) I want all of you to keep in mind that I'm...
  12. Mudkipz

    ASL Students See Deaf Perspective

    A hearing instructor can be culturally Deaf, but will take longer as the hearing person is likely to be around Deaf culture at a later age. @supperDeafEd, I agree. With a hearing instructor with some Deaf cultural aspects in his/her background to go in between 2 and 3. :)
  13. Mudkipz

    Official AllDeaf Switched At Birth Discussion [tv show on abc family]

    They won't. It's just a TV show. :) Emmett, whom is Sean Berdy, is a good actor himself and will stay on the show (He better be!!).
  14. Mudkipz

    Demon's Souls/Dark Souls Discussion Thread

    Oh and I ordered Demon's Souls through Amazon, and will be getting it soon; For now... I'll be playing Dark Souls until the game comes in! :-) ONLY PLAYING AT NIGHT!!! WOOT FOR SPRING BREAK!
  15. Mudkipz

    Demon's Souls/Dark Souls Discussion Thread

    Has anyone played these games? According to popular belief in the deep gamer realm, these two games are the hardest games to play and definitely ranks along with scariest games too. Available for Xbox360 and PS3. Demon's Souls is supposedly the first one that came before Dark Souls and...
  16. Mudkipz

    Last Movie You Watched?

    See What I'm Saying Sound and Fury Children of the Lesser God
  17. Mudkipz

    Hey! I'm studying ASL :D

    Yep. :) I'll try to show up on Skype tomorrow. I need to download it on different laptop and take it with me to Starbucks as I add more usernames. :)
  18. Mudkipz

    Hey! I'm studying ASL :D

    Hey same situation with you, but about... 8 months in learning ASL! We can definitely skype sometimes and have a nice chat in ASL. :) Skype name: ASLearner Where are you from, by the way?
  19. Mudkipz

    how do u fill the hole inside?

    Doing sports like riding dirt bikes (wink), hanging out with friends, or going out to your study place to study or read books can fill in the hole in your life. :) Or like Grummer said, start a project that is daily updated toward your goal. :)