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  1. AmputeeOT

    My s.o. doesnt want me to get a cochlear implant.

    I’m asking for feedback or advice from **Deafies** for this post. Background: I became Deaf as an adult. I recently went to have my hearing tested again at the audiologist and was told I am a candidate for a cochlear implant (CI). My S.O. Adrian and I have discussed CI’s in the past many...
  2. AmputeeOT

    Analog HA's + android music, how?

    Hiyah! I have a pair of old as dirt analog Phonak Pico Forte 3 SCD and I am wondering... How can I get them to play music MP3's from my phone? It's an Android phone so has bluetooth but is there a way maybe to plug audio wires from my HA to my phone? Thanks in advance~!
  3. AmputeeOT

    Hiyah! New learning ASL from a friend

    Hello! Intro post I'm Christina, and I am here because I recently met someone who is Deaf, and we became fast friends and he is teaching me ASL so I can communicate with him better. A little about me: I'm hearing but have mild sensorineural hearing loss in my left ear. I like doing Aerial...