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  1. Etoile

    Trouble with TC4000. Captioning in Chinese-I need english. Help?

    I am assuming you bought this because your HDTV doesn't display captions properly; some old ones had that problem. But captions come from the TV signal. The only way you would get captions in Chinese is if you were watching Chinese. If, maybe, you are in China and watching US programs - the...
  2. Etoile

    Why MUST have VRS? What's wrong with TRS?

    TRS is far from dead. The millions of non-signing d/hh people in the US use it every day. For those of us who use ASL, VRS is easier because of using the natural language of ASL rather than the second language of English. But TRS is not dead, it's just not preferred by signing deaf people.
  3. Etoile

    Tattoos on Interpreters

    I know several interpreters with wrist/forearm tattoos, including one of the best terps I know. He wears an opaque sleeve, kind of like but matching his skin tone (no colored stitching). You can barely tell the...
  4. Etoile

    Netflix CC-NO, Subtitles-YES

    You're never going to win this one, dude, because nobody cares as much as you do.
  5. Etoile

    There should be a captioning law on Netflix and other live streaming sites.

    Lots of political activists are already working on something exactly like this :)
  6. Etoile

    NTID Interpreting Program

    It's right on the NTID website: RIT - NTID - American Sign Language and Interpreting Education (ASLIE) I don't know anything about it though.
  7. Etoile

    Are Interpreters This Rare?

    Grayma, I'm curious, what state do you live in? I know some states, like Wyoming, have very very few interpreters. Other states, like New York, have a LOT of interpreters. So it depends where you live, really. You don't have to tell me your town, but I am curious about the state.
  8. Etoile

    Is "So You Want to Be an Interpreter?" still good?

    I would suggest having her read the "So You Wanna" book, and if she's still interested, then she should sign up for an ITP.
  9. Etoile

    how much for interpreting per hour

    But some are more, and some are less, so $30-50 is a very broad average. :)
  10. Etoile

    BSL and ASL interpreter?

    CART = Computer Assisted Realtime Transcription Basically, it's live captioning for whatever is said in the room. It can be done locally or remotely, and on a big screen or a little screen. Gallaudet uses an interpreter/captioner team. Because captioners work with voice and sound, and...
  11. Etoile

    BSL and ASL interpreter?

    I have not heard of Gallaudet providing foreign sign language interpreters. More likely you would get a CART captioning system in written English. You would enter the Jumpstart ASL Track (formerly called the New Signers Program, NSP) and learn ASL, then you would get the CART captioning for...
  12. Etoile

    Sony’s Subtitle Glasses Mean the Deaf Can Watch Movies in the Theater Too

    That's cool, but like the article says, it's not suitable for people who already wear glasses. My wife can't watch 3D movies because it's very uncomfortable on top of her glasses.
  13. Etoile

    Shortage of interpreters?

    I know that Wyoming has a drastic shortage of interpreters in ALL sectors. A friend of mine used to work out there.
  14. Etoile

    AMC TV Censoring Captions

    We've had other threads about this too. Seems that censoring goes both ways. There have been times when swear words will be spelled out in the captions but beeped in the audio.
  15. Etoile

    Spy Kids 4

    Thanks for the in - depth review fhjmom! This sounds like one I will skip in theaters, but add to the Netflix queue. (Assuming it has SDH, most discs do now.) Sorry to hear the captions weren't there for you. What new system does your theater have? It's cool that they caption most movies. My...
  16. Etoile

    Interpreter needs your advice, please!

    Even if they sign to you? Huh.
  17. Etoile

    Captioned movies at the theatre

    I never even heard of USL. I'd like to try it sometime just to try it out. I love new technology.
  18. Etoile

    Spy Kids 4

    Do we know anything about WHY the character wears hearing aids? Is he HOH at all? Is he new to the Spy Kids series? I didn't hear about a d/hh kid in the movies before.
  19. Etoile

    Interpreter needs your advice, please!

    I guess what confuses me is why you're unable to ask the deaf clients what they prefer. Without divulging more about the situation itself, can you explain why you can't ask the clients for their preference? You might also point out to the hearing people that you were hired to be an...
  20. Etoile

    Would love help with English to ASL translation

    I'm also finding your glossing style a little confusing. Dashes are usually used for single signs, like DONT-WANT and EAT-NOON. You seem to be using them for multiple signs strung together. Maybe check out the standard method of glossing?