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  1. quirkylibra


    I was wondering if anyone has any good recipes that involve beans? I would love to make them more, but my ideas are starting to come to an end!:lol:
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    Billionaire for five hours

    if-you-were-billionaire-for-five-hours: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance What would you do?
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    This is right near where I live. Interesting.
  4. quirkylibra

    Yoga/Pilates Videos

    Can anyone recommend some good Pilates or Yoga videos that have CC? I have bought a few in the past, but they do not have it. Thank you.:)
  5. quirkylibra

    5 Things you can't live without?

    What are the 5 things you can't live without?? It's hard but mine are: 1) Friends 2) Dove body wash 3) Clean sheets (w/bounce a must!) 4) Coffee 5) Wine What are yours? :)
  6. quirkylibra

    New around here :)

    Hi everyone! I am pretty new here. I signed up a few months ago, but have been working up to introducing myself. I have been loosing my hearing for a little over 10yrs (that I know of). I have nerve damage and will most likely continue to loose. I wear hearing aids in both ears for school...