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  1. omegaman

    Top Gear US

    Top Gear is one of my favourite TV shows even though I am not a petrol head. The US version of Top Gear was recently released. And, I have to admit, I am impressed. A lot of people in Oz seem to like it, too. What do you think about the show? Good? Bad? :)
  2. omegaman

    The Chai Story

    This is actually very sad to read, because a dog had to have his tongue amputated after his tongue got sucked into a toy ball. The videos are also painful to watch, because the dog is obviously in pain. I hope dog owners will be aware of the dangers of the "pimple ball with bell" toy, which...
  3. omegaman

    Bad day at the office

    I don't know where this thread belongs, but if you work in an office, then I am sure it will enlighten you. :) glumbert for the wii
  4. omegaman


    I may as well stand up and introduce myself. My name is Andrew, and I am from a place at the bottom of the Earth called Australia. I am HAH. Gotta go, looks like a storm is brewing..:)