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  1. sablescort

    Anyone tested out the new 3D cc glasses in MOVIE THEATER?

    Have anyone been given an opportunity to test out Sony's 3D glasses with cc built in? Last week me and my friend went to the theater to watch Tron Legacy in 3D with the prototype glasses. I can say it was awesome doing that test. The cc displayed in the glasses are green dot matrix...
  2. sablescort

    whooa watch this I tell ya

    That video is worth 1,000 words. Just watch it :) YouTube - Michael Schumacher New Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Commercial *HQ*
  3. sablescort

    The 120 years of National Geographic on 6 dvd-roms..

    Wondering if anyone besides me got the newest 120 year collection of National Geographic magazines on dvd that was released last month? This morning I finally realized my dream of having 120 years worth of National Geographic magazines and it took only 6 dvds to make that a reality. Plus its...
  4. sablescort

    raise your hands if u work at the walmart....

    Just a unscientific poll to see what AD'ers work at the Walmart.... Me? I just got into Walmart last January after being laid off a month before. Last Saturday I finally moved over to 3rd shift O/N stocker at the Grocery side. To me, it was sooo liberating cuz I hated unloading the trailers...
  5. sablescort

    Shark Tank!

    Who's watching negotiations between the little guy entrepreneurs and the rich investors on ABC's Shark Tank? I'm liking the back and forth negotiations between the two parties hoping the Sharks bite on the entrepreneur's proposal. I've seen weird inventions and outrageous business...
  6. sablescort

    Chevy Volt.....

    Can you believe GM's claim that the Chevy Volt would do 230 mpg based on the newly released EPA measurement procedures for plug-in hybrids? G.M.: Chevy Volt Gets 230 M.P.G. - Green Inc. Blog - Will someone please pass me the joint? *sarcasm* 230 mpg yeah yeah yeah but 40...
  7. sablescort

    who's nuts for "Defying Gravity"?

    I'm wondering who loves watching "Defying Gravity" either on TV or online? Me...I absolutely love it! It's like a cross between the original Star Trek and DOOL. Now that's a soap opera I'd rather watch especially if it's 42 years and 100 million miles ahead of us earthlings :lol:. It...
  8. sablescort

    Hulu and cc missing ...AUGH!

    Have anyone noticed lately that freshly uploaded shows on Hulu marked with CC symbols doesnt have a way to turn on the CC's? I was getting ready to watch Storm part 2 with the CC, but whoooa the cc symbol inside the player was missing even tho the guide said the episode had cc on it. Same...
  9. sablescort

    Prius Hearse, anyone?

    Dont like being hauled to the grave yard in a gas-guzzling Caddy? A Japanese coachbuilder just came up with the ultimate hybrid...a Prius hearse. Prius Hearse Makes Your Last Road Trip a Green Ride I'd rather have a Caddy as my final ride than the Prius hearse.
  10. sablescort

    a prank being played on a deaf club officer

    A friend of mine who is staff of deaf club in my area got pranked by another friend of mine. Just watch it. roflmao I was even in the video ..just look for a guy with balding hair and a beard :) othewise known as Einstein Jr :lol: YouTube - DeafPowerTats does Prank on Staff T.H.D. Funny...
  11. sablescort

    GM bankrutcy today 6/1/2009...what you think?

    Boy, with GM (makers of Chevy, Pontiac, Cadillac, Saturn, Saab, GMC, Buick, Holden (Australia), Opel (Germany) and Vauxhall (England))..reports are that GM will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today. It's a sure harder fall from being the world's biggest car maker to facing the judge at bankrupt...
  12. sablescort

    Tennessee Hillbilly Deaf workshop on terp/doctors

    On Saturday, May 2nd, the Tennessee Hillbilly Deaf Club will be holding a workshop in association with the Knoxville Center of the Deaf and Disability Law & Advocacy about doctors refusing to provide interpteters presented by Burke Brewer, Advocate. if you dont bring cover dish the enter...
  13. sablescort

    ZX2 Escort goes into semi-retired...Just got a Isuzoo

    My 2001 ZX2 Escort just got placed on semi-retirement status with 157k on the clock. I bought a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo S (basic model) and Im loving it ev ery minute since I left the used car lot with it. I had been looking all over town for a 4 door SUV with 5 speed (Im no fan of automatics)...
  14. sablescort

    2010: Camaro, Challenger or Mustang which wud u pick?

    Seems like 2010 is going to be 1970 again in the year 1970 with the Ford Mustang, AMC Javelin, Mercury Cougar, Chevy Camaro, Pontiac Firebird, Dodge Challenger and Plymouth 'Cuda fighting each other. Fast foreard to 2010: The Mustang is the only survivor, but yet she has to fight the...
  15. sablescort

    Damn you George W. Bush and the Wall Street fatcats

    *RANT ON* Hey George and the Wall Street fatcats..... Thank you for ruining my holidays by bringing the world's greatest economy, the U.S. Economy down to its knees! Your greed and incompentence is so fucking-a astounding! People are losing houses and jobs left and right! Corporations are...
  16. sablescort

    Holland Township family angry that supermarket won't personalize cake for their son

    Feel sorry for these kids having to live with their names. Holland Township family angry that supermarket won't personalize cake for their son - The Express-Times | Lehigh Valley PA Newspaper -
  17. sablescort

    Bush gets shoes thrown at him....

    Hey get a load of poor Dumbya getting two shoes tossed his way... Bush: Iraq war is not over, more work ahead - Yahoo! News
  18. sablescort

    Caroline for Hillary's Senate seat!

    I do want Caroline Kennedy to take over Hillary's NY Senate seat. That is if the Senate confirms Hillary for Sec of State. Hope Paterson appoints her to the Senate. The Associated Press: Caroline Kennedy interested in NY Senate seat Go Caroline....At least she's carrying on for JFK and RFK.
  19. sablescort

    Rahm Emanuel is as awesome as Chuck Norris...except 100% true!

    Rahm Emanuel, Obama's new Chief of Staff is more awesome than Chuck Norris. Rahm Emanuel Facts: The Complete Dossier It's official! Chuck Norris has been declared a wimp! :rofl:
  20. sablescort

    Craig Robinson, Oregon State Basketball coach..Obama's BIL

    Hmmm I think Im gonna spring a surprise on AD about President Obama's basketball coach brother-in-law :) Men's Basketball - News -—Official Web Site of Oregon State University Athletics Craig Robinson (basketball coach - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) OSU's 1st full...