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  1. KingDragon

    Who you'd Be Today - ASL Music Productions

    YouTube - Who You'd Be Today - ASL
  2. KingDragon

    speed connection

    anyone of you know, what is mean 1.0meg upload. I could be guess about 100kb upload or more than that ? I am trying to research for that answer. I don't have one yet but I will get one on Jan 2. So, I could test it speed on the site somewhere. I just want to know before i getting it.
  3. KingDragon

    Anyone play WoW?

    Anyone of you play WoW online?
  4. KingDragon

    Doc and I murder video

    YouTube - Doc and I Murder Video
  5. KingDragon

    The Many char -

    YouTube - The many Char of IAN *DEAF*
  6. KingDragon

    Treo 700w

    I want an your option about Treo 700w, Tell me what do you think of this. (I Think its one of the best than all Sk2, Sk3 and blackberry or other product) There is have more stuffs that you can use it anything like - Any Movie- you could get a rent movie only if you use copy dvd in the computer...
  7. KingDragon

    wanted for light flash when baby is cry sound

    anyone who willing to sell your flash light when baby is cry "sound cry" i need it by july 5.
  8. KingDragon

    Ultima Online Samurai Empire

    Anybody have play Ultima Online Samurai Empire before?
  9. KingDragon

    Bush vs Kerry

    it seen like hot close to vote. have u hear any news yet ?
  10. KingDragon

    LongHorn 2004

    Have you any one of them try it before ? I have try it before. require to dvd burner then I will be able to installing the longhorn. It look so nice everything is different than xp but acutally is beta and it is not full verison. I wish i had this full verison.
  11. KingDragon

    Sell WEblink Pager T900

    I m sell pager for 20 dollar include shippin *1 and half yrs old* it is blue, work very good. it look clean not mess it up.
  12. KingDragon

    nextalk *TTY on the Computer* It is not bad idea if anybody who dont have a tty. Ya all can use tty on the computer it is more much easy. Check it out.
  13. KingDragon

    And We Talked.... *poem*

    By John C, Jr I sit here all alone. Trying to think of words to say to you. Trying to figure out. If you still think of me too. We still talk as friends. I wish there was something more. But you're with her. And your love is what I'm searching for. Being in this house. Brings me...
  14. KingDragon

    Final Destination *premonition*

    Are you*premonition*? If you have a *premonition*, and a *Sign* Everywhere so What will you doing with it? :shock: ? so, If it was me umm, I rather to be die because I hate to see all thing freak accident. I dont want to see that way.
  15. KingDragon

    *NEWS* about the mosquito

    I watch tv today. they're talk about mosquito. Some people are get sick from the virus 80% and 30% people are not get sick from virus mosquito. There is only way to protect keep away from the mosquito get the spray *off*. i am sure ya all know about it and if ya all have plant or small pool in...
  16. KingDragon

    Six Flags Fiesta Texas, San Antonio !NEWS!

    I sae earlie two day ago Superman Krypton Coaster! is stuck on this. They could not move it until 15 min finally. Service come to help get the people out. So it is closed Superman Krypton Coaster! need to work on it something went wrong. that is really sad ever i hear in my life. :tears:
  17. KingDragon

    Attention everyone "Virus Computer"

    Please check it the site this is very important to know the news what happen about worm into the computer virus. This time is world start to give everyone get worm from virus so Please be careful what you are doing with your computer or...
  18. KingDragon

    Vahine Island Pricate

    Vahine Island Private *Vacation* or *honeymoon* Here is a few picture from vahine island private. If it is a honeymoon or vacation stay at hotel for 1 week cost about 15,000. I can't believe that is too much cost on this. I am not going to spend this a lot money. They everything have in there...
  19. KingDragon

    Missing girl, 16, can't hear or speak

    I find it out news today so i just want to let ya know about it. El Paso Times Palma -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Authorities have launched a regional search for a 16-year-old, hearing- and speech-impaired girl who was...
  20. KingDragon

    Anyone have sidekick or plan to buy sidekick

    Anyone have a sidekick or bout to buy sidekick. I am tell you I loved it sidekick color. I use it a lot. I bought it $150 thur the internet. Please put ad it if ya like it or not.