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  1. ChicagoBlue2

    Cat steals treats from fellow cat

    I thought this was cute:
  2. ChicagoBlue2

    Baker rescues kidnapped child; gets overwhelmed with thanks

    I saw this story, and thought it worthy of sharing: This is a good thing.
  3. ChicagoBlue2

    Missouri dog'a amazing recovery

    This story is worthy of sharing: Good to see him recovering.
  4. ChicagoBlue2

    IDOT to plant milkweed to help monarch butterfly population

    This is something I hope to see flourish a few years down the road: Hoping the monarch butterfly population rebound because of this.
  5. ChicagoBlue2

    Man searching for new dog reunites with lost dog

    This is such a sweet story:
  6. ChicagoBlue2

    Columbus police officer helps avert disaster

    This is one lucky girl: She did a very good job staying calm in a very dangerous situation.
  7. ChicagoBlue2

    Seal cuddles up with dog

    How cute is this?
  8. ChicagoBlue2

    This is hilarious

    Wow. Got me laughing on the bus. (Sorry about that-- I think I mispelled that word :shock:)
  9. ChicagoBlue2

    4 year old dials 911, becomes big sister

    This is a cool story: They are recommending her for an award, and rightly so.
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    Legally blind mom sees newborn for first time ever

    I thought this was a neat story:
  11. ChicagoBlue2

    Meet Bubbles the dog!!

    This neat story is worthy of sharing:
  12. ChicagoBlue2

    Pro Bowl refs to use Microsoft tablets

    This recent season coaches have been using these...... And they say they want to make enchantments for next season. Thoughts?
  13. ChicagoBlue2

    Dog and baby chicks!!

    AWWWWWW........ Too cute to pass up sharing. :D :P
  14. ChicagoBlue2

    How every NFL team got their names

    I came across this very interesting article: Enjoy!!
  15. ChicagoBlue2

    Restaurant laughter

    Now this was a worthy find: Enjoy!! :D
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    Bulldog struggles to get large bone through doggy door

    This story I found cool:
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    California doctor delivers mom, dad, and baby

    Wow........ That's pretty neat.
  18. ChicagoBlue2

    Horse rescued from sinkhole

    Glad the horse is okay:
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    Rich woman tries to embarrass partially deaf server, gets the boot

    AWESOME story I found: Made my week.
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    Granny Smith and Gala Apples recalled due to Listeria

    If you have either one, toss it immediately: