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  1. MsGiglz

    Alldeaf did have April Fool's Day this morning

    when I logged on this early morning .. maybe I think about 6:45am.. I saw the alldeaf backward.. and logon too.. and threads, too!.. hehe.. Good try Alex :P but good one tho!
  2. MsGiglz

    Just thought to share this...

    Some of you all know I have been with my man Marcus Taylor for long time.. now this coming July 2008 will be our 7th year.. so we decided went out to court house this morning.. got our marriage license.. we have been together for long time.. we still faith each other.. love each other even...
  3. MsGiglz

    1 year anniversary for my...

    not smoking... Today as of March 7, 2008.. I quit smoking last year March 7, 2007.. that I was smoking for 30 years.. between 2-3 pack a day but last 6 years, cut down to 1 pack a day since I met my man and changed smoking pattern.. not to smoke around kids and my man.. and not in the...
  4. MsGiglz

    Can Bears signs?

    Check this site.. :smile: its SO amazing.. (jaws dropped) Bears can ASL?
  5. MsGiglz


    (please move or merge if same post) Do you have experience the vertigo? I do.. it drive me crazy.. i had it 24/7 :( even meds are still trying to work it..
  6. MsGiglz

    Update of my disappearance! :)

    Yeah.. I was disappear like EyesBlueDeaf said.. Just taking break from chaos on forums.. Focus my family.. Yes, its been crazy since a year.. my man was sent to hospital that he have diabetic -type1 and type2.. Kids' school didnt go well (minnesota school system are really :thumbd...
  7. MsGiglz

    Other Victim attacked today..

    Woman Attacked By Two Pit Bulls In St. Pau, Minnesota.. - Woman Attacked By Two Pit Bulls In St. Paul WCCO) St. Paul A White Bear Lake woman is in the hospital after two pit bulls attacked her Monday afternoon in St. Paul. The woman was serving legal papers to a home when the...
  8. MsGiglz

    *sighs* Young Girl attacked by pitbull - Young Girl Attacked By Pit Bull (WCCO) A four year old is recovering after being attacked by a pit bull outside her home. It happened Friday night outside a duplex on the 3200 block of North Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis. Four-year-old Huyen Phan was walking around her duplex to...
  9. MsGiglz

    Tips (death in family/friend)

    I thought it gonna be good thread for kids and parents.... Tips for kids.. or ideas.. Good example right now, I am going through difficult and saddness kids (older) and little ones.. myself too.. we lost a great person next door.. her name is Kim, she just turned 37 on Feb 28. and...
  10. MsGiglz

    Diabetic- Are you? or your partner or whoever you are support...

    Please do not bash or flame.. It's important issues for me.. might be flare or frustrations but please dont misunderstand.. thanks This thread is for who is diabetic or your partner or whoever that you are in the support system/taking care.. My man, Marcus as I suspect for long time...
  11. MsGiglz

    Should the parent who is custody of child need to update the few years old case..

    Please dont bashing or flaming.. even point fingers... It irrates me so much to see the most cases were like more than 2-3 or more years ago. The parents divorced or separated or break up couples lost the custody of child (or children) just because of made mistake at the first place but...
  12. MsGiglz

    Thought ya'll need laughs :)

    its funny clip... love that cat with buck teeth and on toilet.. Enjoy! Cat On The Toilet Video
  13. MsGiglz

    Gotcha, Jane!

    YouTube - Gotcha, Jane!
  14. MsGiglz

    IMPORTANT FOR Sidekicks

    I dont know if its repost.. if so please remove or merge.. thanks.. The Internet Patrol: Your Place for Internet Help and Advice Wednesday September 13th, 2006 Sidekick 3 Warning: Sidekick 3’s Magnet Will Erase Your Credit Card in Under a Second Summary: The Sidekick 3's swivel...
  15. MsGiglz

    kittens pulled from frying pan

    Kittens Recovering After Being Scalded in Hot Grease More news & video about kittens Aug 14, 2006 - BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) _ Five kittens are recovering at an animal shelter in Buffalo after being injured when a man put them in a frying pan filled with hot cooking oil. Authorities say...
  16. MsGiglz

    Vaccinations... Needed or Not?

    Vaccinations needed or not? Vaccinations...Needed or Not? Only a few years ago, it was considered mandatory to bring your dog to the vet every year for his shots. Times have changed! Listen to what Dr. Christina Chambreau D.V.M. has to say about yearly vaccinations: "Would...
  17. MsGiglz

    Meet our new additional in the family!!

    Well, Since we got Rocky.. got him all trained and doing great but one thing, he start really desperated to play with dogs, whatever he sees other dogs in the neighbors, he barks or whines.. get really annoying.. so my man decided to get other dog, we looked and looked.. till found this sweet...
  18. MsGiglz

    Happy Safe July 4th Ya'll

    I wish you all have great day and safe.. Give some thoughts and prayers for our greatest heros who are still fighting out of countries for our country... , deceased ones and their families too.. That's why we keep on celebrating for our lady Liberty and our country... Also, Thanking God...
  19. MsGiglz

    *sigh*-- What's going on with children/teenagers!!!

    Yesterday I made thread.... to share the news what happen.. Cat Beaten to death, Teenage Boys accused now, I just read this morning news.. I was like.. uhh.. whats going on? other news that kids killed puppy.. but this one much wrose cuz few kids involved with burtual beatings...
  20. MsGiglz

    Cat Beaten to Deat, Teenage Boys Accused

    Cat Beaten to Death, Teenage boys accused Cat Beaten To Death, Teenage Boys Accused Bridgette Bornstein Reporting (WCCO) Minneapolis A Twin Cities couple is struggling to understand how anyone could attack and kill their helpless cat. “I'm sure she was being really friendly to...