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  1. PowerWCRulez

    what kind of service/plan/phone does everyone have?

    Virgin Mobile $25 plan 300 Minutes voice, unlimited msg and data for me..
  2. PowerWCRulez

    Sorenson still block other VRS providers' videomails

    I am on the ZVRS and P3, I shipped the SVRS equipment back to the SVRS headquarter. the ZVRS mailed the 25 dollars visa gift card.. that I not getting the Ipad2 darn it.. That why I get the 25 dollars visa gift card..
  3. PowerWCRulez

    What Game Are You Playing Now?

    PS3; BL/BL2, COD WaW, COD MW, BF/BF2/BF3, Brother in Arms, Fallout 3/Fallout New Vegas, Shellshock 2, Infamous/Infamous 2 and different game in my hard drive. Facebook; SimCity Social, Megapolis, and other games.
  4. PowerWCRulez

    Borderlands 2

    I don't have a windows PC. I use a mac lappy.
  5. PowerWCRulez

    Borderlands 2

    OOoo yeah, I plan to get BL2 in Nov on my PS3,, My buddy gave me a bulletproof shield in BL1 and even high damage weapons too.
  6. PowerWCRulez

    Fire alarms

    I have a sound detector for fire alarm's siren very loud and the detector received the sound and send a signal to my flasher.
  7. PowerWCRulez

    New product for 911 Ctrs and Univ security offices

    Finally, The Minneapolis 911 center are getting new NG911 (Video/Photo/SMS/TTY/GPS/IPS/Medic Alert).. Minneapolis 911's have a portable TTY, so after the NG911 are operating, they can dump the old TTY out, and the NG911 already build in TTY software. Next Generation 911 much advanced...
  8. PowerWCRulez

    Computer Virus to Happen on July 9. 2012!

    I am on the mac too,, I checked on dns-ok site it's green on both Mac and Linux lappies... I never get any viruses on my mac.. Ptfffff on winblows lol.
  9. PowerWCRulez

    Students accused of stealing 30 iPads from school

    Yep that one, the owner's Iphone to trace the IPS of Ipad thieve's location.
  10. PowerWCRulez

    New WEAS system.

    They don't have a "Fire Alert" except the Hazard Alert as Hazmat/Bioweapons.
  11. PowerWCRulez

    Calculator is wrong!

    It's very classic calculator it's like a red or green digital led.. I had the calculator and I get an errors then I dumped the "Thick" calculator out that's why I found out very corroded PCB board.
  12. PowerWCRulez

    New WEAS system.

    Wireless Emergency Alert System coming soon for weather alert, amber alert, Homeland Security Alert and etc on the smartphone cellphones. When the alert is issued they send a "ping" signal comes from the cellphone tower and being receiving the WEAS message by tones or vibrate. When you are...
  13. PowerWCRulez

    Apple iPhone no longer No. 1 at Verizon? Analyst says so

    Virgin Mobile finally have a Iphone and HTC EVO in the stock. I'm thinking to get it when my phone is dead or diseaster.
  14. PowerWCRulez

    Students accused of stealing 30 iPads from school

    Yep, they traced IPS in the Ipad2 and Macbook computers.. IPS Internet Position System just like a GPS locator. I saw the news in my local area, they caught a Ipad2 thieve, the owner already have Iphone, called police and show the police for target of thieve's location by the IPS. It's only...
  15. PowerWCRulez

    Back to the Future - Date is Today

    Right on it's faked.. The bold in the original settings and the narrow in the top just faked except the all of the "Time" are in bold. Even the orange just faked and red in the original..
  16. PowerWCRulez

    Airport of full body scanners and enhanced pat-downs >>VOTE???

    Hello there, I prefer a body pat down due to the power wheelchair, the guard guided me bypassing the security screen room and go around to the "Pick up" bins (my backpack and etc) and patting me down.
  17. PowerWCRulez

    YouTube Taking Down Sign Language Music Videos

    If the "ripped" musics into the video that should not doing it, be sure look at the music that show "FBI Warning" or "Copyrights" then don't upload it. So you can create your own music in your computer music program can be editing to stitched a music into videos. My video does not any sounds and...
  18. PowerWCRulez

    Vibrating car!

    Yep, also emergency vehicle have a low freq tones (powerful subwoofer siren) which is called Rumbler and Howler sirens to alerting the deaf driver to pull over and even distracted ppls to move over from behind you, stop walking or run to the corner while crosswalk. My county ambulance have a...
  19. PowerWCRulez

    Vibrating Alarm Clocks & Mattresses?

    Long time ago, I lived in the basement at my parent house. I put the grinder motor with a board under the mattress and appliance timer would wake me up when the grinder motor way too powerful I saw my basement lights flickered after the timer kicked in. Right now I own a hospital bed, the...
  20. PowerWCRulez

    Sprint raises deaf 50% in 2 years for deaf data only plan, this makes me sick

    My VM still have $25 a month, if price increased to $35 is only new customer to join in. Radio Shack did great service, you don't have to get a codes from them, they can entering into the RS computer to refill my VM account. So my VM phone under Best Buy Geek Squad for phone repairs.