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    tattoo related to the experience of hearing loss

    I don't listen to Crap
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    China dares you to cross its giant glass bridge

    only few people will scare about heights not all the people.
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    What about max payne3?

    I had part one and i like to have part three.
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    Hate new cars

    New cars designed according to the new technologies.
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    What about max payne3?

    anybody got that one
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    Best Places to retire

    The best place after retirement is to live in a peaceful place and doing agriculture or to maintain a garden.
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    What do u do on ur spare time?

    I like to do Blogging and knowing technical updates.
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    Funny movie scenes you liked

    I like to watch mr.Bean movies,it was very funny.
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    C++ or die

    Hahaha excellent joke.