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    The scale of the universe

    Pretty freakin rad. Scale of the Universe 2 by Cary and Michael Huang, California High School Students - ABC News
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    50 Best FB posts of 2011

    Enjoy. :) The 50 Most Brilliant, Obnoxious, Or Delightfully Sociopathic Facebook Posts Of 2011 | Happy Place
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    Why Can't We Be Like the Dutch?
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    Gaallaudet = special needs?

    Was perusing through craigslist today for Deaf-related posts and came across this: Culinary Operations Director at Special Needs Liberal Arts College Keep in mind that this is a recruiter who wrote the job description, but is anyone else just a little bit ticked off by this? I mean...
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    Missed Connection

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    Nobody Wants to Play with the Donald

    TRENDING: Perry declines Trump debate invite – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs Lol, I kinda feel sorry for the loser. The fact is, the guy is a total hack and nobody wants to be associated with him. I'll bet the candidates have inside information about some impending embarrassment for...
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    Are you a hipster?

    You may be one and not even know it! :shock: The Hipsterfication Of America : NPR
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    Homemade Coffee Snobs

    Alright, so who's into making coffee at home? And I'm not talking about how you put some Folger's in the drip machine and mix it with Coffeemate creamer. I'm talking real coffee. Espresso. Fresh ground beans. Home roasted. Crema. Ahhh, the ever-elusive crema. Let's here your process and...
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    Gally Homecoming

    Anyone going to Homecoming game/events this weekend?
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    GOP Wants to Raise Taxes

    So, after going psycho during the debt ceiling increase and opposing any tax increases to the rich and threatening to destroy the country if that happens, the GOP is now cool with increasing taxes to the bottom 47% of American workers. You can't make this shit up. H Y P O C R I T E S The...
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    Who Deserves the Credit for Killing Bin Laden?

    Well, it seems that many people, including the usual suspects here on AD, want to try and mitigate the achievement of our Commander in Chief and his team last night by claiming that he was simply just carrying on the policies of his predecessor, GW Bush--that Obama didn't really do much, etc...
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    Happy Birthday, Dude! Hope you have a great one! :birthday::birthday::dance::dance2::rockon::party:
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    Google inventing new sign langauge?

    Gmail Motion BETA
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    Wisconsin friends are reminded...

    to turn their clocks back 100 years this weekend. Everyone else can move theirs one hour forward.
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    Tamara's Opus

    At first I was unsure about where this was going because of the lousy sim-comming and the "she has never been able to experience..." stuff. And then.... it all made sense. Hope you enjoy this (And be sure to turn on the captions :)) YouTube - Joshua Bennett Performs at the White House Poetry...
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    Well, isn't this just ironic...

    Netflix just released See What I'm Saying on streaming. You know: it's the documentary about Deaf entertainers overcoming the challenges of appealing to both hearing and Deaf audiences. It got great reviews, etc. etc. And guess what... NETFLIX DIDN'T RELEASE IT WITH STREAMING SUBTITLES...
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    Hey Lanapoo...

    Hope you're having a great day!
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    subtitle player for smartphones

    Hey all, this is something that I'm curious about. I was wondering if anyone knows of an app for smartphones that can play subtitle files (.srt, .sub, .dfxp, etc. etc.). I'm not talking about a movie player that plays the movies with subtitles, but just a program that reads the .SRT file and...
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    Do Republicans Have Hearts?

    You don't have to dignify that biased question with a response, but at least read this article and decide for yourself. 9/11 responders bill defeated by Senate GOP filibuster -
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    True Spirit of Collaboration

    Whaaahhh! whhhaaahhh!!! If we don't get what we want, we're just going to throw a temper tantrum and make life hard for everybody! Wahhhhhh!!! Bunch of spoiled little brats, if you ask me. Senate GOP pledges to block all bills until tax dispute resolved -