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  1. Josh B

    Chrome's New Tabs question.

    Is there way to hide/remove Google logo and search box? || || \ / \/
  2. Josh B

    Verizon or Straight Talk: what your option?

    I might get new Android smartphone under that carrier... my budget is little tight. Verizon Edge have better smartphones feature, but their bill monthly is little too high on my budget. Straight Talk have probably better plans($45 mo. for 3gb data and anything unlimited), but their...
  3. Josh B

    Umm, Where's NSFW Forum.....

    Go??? :hmm: I have gone for almost 2 years. then come back to AD.... And one thing is MISSED. Oh. maybe too hot for young guns....:lol:
  4. Josh B

    LCD Monitor Repairable?

    I just wonder if my 5 years old 22" Acer LCD can be fixing. Just power failure and LED green-orange flashing. My question: is it fixing, No or Yes? :hmm: My grandfather already bought me new 24" AOC LCD today, I am really happy with it. Gotta love Pawpaw!!! :D:ily:
  5. Josh B

    Custom User Status Titles?

    I am been looking that feature in my control panel, and not there anymore. Did I missing something, or am I just overlooking it??? :ty: Josh
  6. Josh B

    What Anime I buy for Blu-Ray?

    I am crazy about anime. I never bought Blu-Ray Disc for watch on PS3, only bought PS3 games. Is that shock? :shock::giggle: Anyway, what anime I buy for Blu-Ray? I already thinking about buy Witchblade The Complete Series. Any other suggest to watch? :hmm:
  7. Josh B

    My Main PC Hard Disk Drive is dead. Blah!

    I feeling too sick to see my HDD dead. My stuff like musics, movies, and pictures are gone. :tears: But thanks to my PS3 and notebook save some of my stuff. :aw: I looking for replacement my dead Seagate 250GB to something like 320GB or higher, what's HDD brand good for overall? :hmm:
  8. Josh B

    Guest Cat

    I got a guest cat on my porch outside, and she sitting calmly. She waiting on me pet her, and feed her a cat food(yes, mom bought it :roll:). I don't know who own that cat. That cat stay here a week, and never leave. :shock: Here's cat picture.
  9. Josh B

    How many PS3 or Xbox 360 themes you got?

    I got 46 themes and 5 dynamic themes plus ton of wallpapers on PS3, and 9 themes on XB360. :shock: You?
  10. Josh B

    Dell Dimension XPS D233 Boot Problem.

    My mom friend want me fixing her old Dell. Again. *sigh* Last week, I fixed it somewhat, I manged somehow to change a CMOS jumper to access maintenance mode to disable 2 passwords, and back to boot normal. I was double checking then boot it up normally. She take it to her home, and plug it up...
  11. Josh B

    Stay with AT&T or go with Sprint/Verizon?

    I have a lot in my mind about changing my wireless carrier. My AT&T contraction expire this week. So I am not sure I will stay with AT&T anytime, but iPhone 4 is first come in my mind... :hmm: So I looking up to Sprint's HTC EVO 4G and Verizon's 4 different Droids on internet. :dizzy: And I...
  12. Josh B

    Original X-Box Question.

    i have an 6-yrs-old original xbox system sitting here next to me, and i want to get rid of it, but I am not sure. That's my second favorite console in the whole world. :aw: I never playing it since 6 month ago...:shock: It worked fine, but DVD-ROM got stuck and won't eject itself. I had to...
  13. Josh B

    iPhone Healer

    Cyanide & Happiness @ :laugh2:
  14. Josh B

    XBL Account Question

    I will buy new XBOX 360 Elite soon. :shock: :lol: I have a question about transit(sp?) my own email to new XBL account on my new XBOX 360 without changing my little brother's gamertag on my old XBOX 360. Is it able to doing that? :hmm:
  15. Josh B

    DIRT2: Dirty Tats, Mini Game

    Dirt2: Dirty Tats Oh, hell yeah! You can tattooing on woman's chest. :naughty: Warning: This is mildly NSFW.
  16. Josh B

    Add My Background Imagine on Profile?

    I was trying to add my picture as background on my profile. it gave me error message. That picture I tried add as BG: Error message: DId I missed something? :hmm: Did I need VIP to order it working?:dunno:
  17. Josh B

    Post Your iPhone or iTouch Wallpaper.

    Post Your iPhone, iTouch or BB Wallpaper. Here's my iPhone wallpaper
  18. Josh B

    Drinking Problems

    Cyanide & Happiness @ :lol:
  19. Josh B

    My Compaq Notebook

    What's i got today? :D
  20. Josh B

    Post your most weird mixed drinks.

    Mine: Sour Pepsi, Simply just put lemonade in your Pepsi.:shock: