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  1. blondon704

    Just an update :-)

    Hey everybody it has been a while! Just wanted to catch up, we took our youngest baby back to the audiologist the 17th he had his sedated abr and his results came back 60/50 sensorineural? so he is just decibels off from my oldest son. He goes back the 13th for the first appointment with a...
  2. blondon704

    ASL SEE question

    I am currently learning and teaching my family ASL. Ultimately that is what I would like for them all to pick up, however, I am still very beginnerish at it, very slow, terrible at sentence structure and so on. So when I do story time at night with my kids I do the stories in SEE. My question...
  3. blondon704

    Bex is my name :-)

    I had the best intro ever to post and apparently it got lost. Oh well. I will try again. I am Becca nice to meet you all! I am the mom to the very best most awesome children ever! I have two boys and two girls. My two boys are deaf, my girls are hearing, well my 6 year old tunes me out like...
  4. blondon704

    Puppies in the cheese box

    Lol so I read that some people don't want to read about newbies if the title is newbie so there you go :-) I am Becca nice to meet you all! I have been fascinated with ASL and deaf culture and have been diving in to it more and more every day. I myself, am hearing, two of my children (both...