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    Looking for Single Sided Deaf (SSD) people to chat with about sound localization

    Hi all, Me personally, I would almost rather be Deaf from birth...
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    Jake is a poser

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    My Cat Jake

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    Half Deaf

    Has anybody out there, lost 100% of hearing in one ear, due to a TBI? Like to Talk
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    My search for, Resonance Frequencies, Harmonies, and Overtones.

    :dance2::angel::) "Music is Movement", but so much more. It is "The Search for Perfection". I've known about the "Space" between notes, since the early 70's, taught to me by my "piano tuning, guitar playing friend", Jeff Cerwinski. It is, as important as the tones and notes themselves. I would...
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    Bone Conduction "Ear" phone

    7 long years ago, I was struck down by a load of granite slabs, but survived, by the Grace of God. I woke up in the hospital, and along with the broken bones, (which would heal) I was unable to hear the slightest thing in my right ear, but a "tinnitus" like sound, coming from the spot where...