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  1. illustrator

    I am angry with parents

    From what I hear many stories from real life that deafie seem have no future. In first place, I was angry on them. No... I blame their parents for not teach them something right. They seem give hard time on hearing impaired child. NOTE: It's about hearing parents not deaf parents.... I...
  2. illustrator

    Wendy's bets on 'drive-thru' only

    :cry: Wendy's have goes mad! I guess we, hearing impaired, will give hard time on Wendy's.
  3. illustrator

    Monk: One Season DVD.

    :thumb: I own and i love it. funnnnnnny!
  4. illustrator

    Krown vs. Ultratec vs. Which one do you like better and why?
  5. illustrator

    Sony P900: The awesome cell phone ever!

    :eek2: Sony Ericsson P900 in demo
  6. illustrator

    your friend going to be dad! (non-marriage)

    Okay, I received news from my long-time friend, that his girlfriend is pregant. Honestly, I feel so disappointment for him. Ponder for a moment, what should I do by tell him about it? Should I pressure on him into marriage? Maybe he don't like it, because it's his life. I simple sent instant...
  7. illustrator

    New Mexico School for the Deaf

    I went to Santa Fe, NM for my vacation with two sisters. I got chance to look at NMSD. The campus are full of adobe, you know clay building. It's quite small than I expect. But very nice place. I asked the staff who claim there are about 120+ deaf students from K-12 include pre-school. I like...
  8. illustrator

    I want blackout! I think it would be great to have at least 2 days of blackout. Then we will have better air.
  9. illustrator

    The Scorpions Taste Kinda Fishy

    :) ~ Hmmm... I am think about try these.
  10. illustrator

    Brits send 'U R dumped' txt msgs

    :| ~ I admit it, I did dumped on lady thru instant message.
  11. illustrator

    ATTN: Relay Online Lover

    Can you help and point me where the information about why Relay online offer no charge on long distance. :) My hearing friend ask me "WHY?!?" I have no answer for her since 8 days. :o
  12. illustrator

    The GREAT ever been invent for DEAF

    Agrue which one is the greatest of all the time that are very helpful to us? Let me review for you, fellows...
  13. illustrator

    VERY IMPORTANT for TTY compatible user

    Very important to read before you decide to get cell phone when you have TTY compatible. It's very good information for deaf and hard of hearing to understand.
  14. illustrator

    AT&T Wireless: SPECIAL *shock*

    Nokia 6800 is back on special one-day sale. FREE! no mail-in rebate - REBATE INSTANT! FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING. :shock: That's how I got free one few weeks ago. Well, that's 24-hours, you have to think about it. tough tough.
  15. illustrator


    What do you have in your pockets? Let me see...I have key for home, key for car, key for mailbox, a pen, one US quarter coin, 2 US nickle coin, one US dime coin, a US penny coin, a recepit from Taco Bell, and a crap paper of direction map. Oh my god! I forget my driver license! :o
  16. illustrator

    Men magazine in bathroom

    Thank godness! I have full of newspaper in my bathroom. :mrgreen:
  17. illustrator

    Liberty Meadows

    Are you familiar with Liberty Meadows the comic strip? I like that creator's skill in art. :eek2: and lot of humor! :mrgreen: ~ hahaha Official website
  18. illustrator


    I love Baby Swiss Cheese. It drove me crazy! What about you, chesse-lover? :wave:
  19. illustrator

    Hearmore dot com

    Hey! Look at that tv! I think it's neat. Anyone want it?
  20. illustrator

    Peninsula vs Hai

    Peninsula is asia group only in Korea/Japan. Hai is the largest asia group as know that is common to China, Thai, Vietname, and more southern, etc. I realized, I am 100% Peninsula. :( I feel so alone already. :tears: No Peninsula friends. No Peninsula girlfriend. *waa-waa*