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  1. soutthpaw

    Cochlear, c-level user adjustment now approved in usa

    I was told by audiologist that the C-level or max volume setting that you can control in advanced settings outside of the USA has now been FDA approved for use in the USA. Base and Treble control are not yet approved for USA. accessed via remote in advanced mode
  2. soutthpaw

    Cochlear and resound wireless accessories interchangeable

    I was at the local Cochlear event yesterday and the audiologist/Cochlear rep told us that the two brands are interchangeable. She said that the ReSound accessories are often available cheaper. such as the Mini Mic which is called the Milti Mic by ReSound. I am going to check with the audi...
  3. soutthpaw

    Smartwatch recommendations?

    I never feel my android phone vibrate when I have a message, call, notification. would like to get a smartwatch that has strong vibration so I don't miss the call, message etc. Anyone have experience with these and can recommend an affordable one either new or used via ebay etc. I have no...
  4. soutthpaw

    Cochlear mini-mic 2

    anyone know if the new version AKA mini-mike 2 still has the 3.5mm audio jack and where abouts it is located? does the plug go in straight inline with the device or stick out at an angle?
  5. soutthpaw

    Interpreter Stabbed, Needs Help, Please Contribute...

    Hi Guys. Just discovered recently that an Interpreter in the Pittsburgh area was brutally attacked and stabbed. He was one of the Interpreters at Anthrocon. The world's Largest convention for fans of...
  6. soutthpaw

    Deaf Friendly bar has ASL Kiosks

    This is cool. Deaf Friendly Pizza Bar installs VRI kiosks at every table.
  7. soutthpaw

    Rent and Roomshare forum?

    I was wondering if there is the chance of having a sub forum for rent and roommate offered, wanted etc? Maybe also a way to close each thread when each wanted or offered living space has been filled. I currently have a room for rent in my home but no idea where the best place to post would...
  8. soutthpaw

    Uber supports Deaf Drivers

    This is cool, I always thought this ride hailing held a potential for jobs for the Deaf Uber..
  9. soutthpaw

    Cochlear uses animal testing for med research!

    Yep the are using this tiger in animal testing for medical research. The flew me into Denver. Just relaxing at hotel. Go over tmw and spend the day doing more testing and get new mapping done. Then they crate me up and ship me back to Reno! [emoji197] [emoji197] [emoji197] [emoji75]...
  10. soutthpaw

    Cochlear Implant: Best Technology Myth

    I have seen several people post claiming that a certain Cochlear Implant manufacturer has the best or most advanced technology. I would clan this is totally unsupported fanaticism and no real facts/research/data to back it up. Rather I think it's more accurate to state that each company has...
  11. soutthpaw

    Earwear... Style/Bling Pics

    Thought it would be fun to have a gallery of Hearing Aid and CI style pics. I'm posting in Deaf Culture rather than the HA and CI forum because it seems to be a Cultural thing. Most culturally Hearing try to hide their Earwear. Whereas Deaf show it off. Walk around any Deaf school or...
  12. soutthpaw

    Good article on Deaf Ed in UK

    Removing the word "MIGHT" actually makes the title correct!
  13. soutthpaw

    Tinnitus mapped on human brain

    Interesting.... Sorry, fixed link. That's what I get for trying to post in the middle of a 17hr 1000 mile drive
  14. soutthpaw

    ASL Buddies, consider Z5 Hearing.

    Thought I would suggest those posting for ASL buddies should consider the Z5 Hearing app from ZVRS. In my experience VRS software has much better video than Skype or other video chat apps. The difference is that Z5 Hearing...
  15. soutthpaw

    Cheap Earmolds @ Costco

    Just discovered that Costco makes Earmolds for $39.99 each any style/colors. They use Westone labs so you can find all the colors on the Westone website What's more, gal at my local Costco knows ASL well to. That was a nice surprise
  16. soutthpaw

    For Sale/Trade thread? CI &HA

    What do you guys think about having a for sale and for trade or giving away thread for Cochlear Implant parts and accessories, Hearing aids, batteries, dry and stores etc? I have a bunch of left overs from my 3G and Freedoms, probably even an old hearing or two etc. I bet others have a bunch...
  17. soutthpaw

    Phantom sounds.

    Just wondering if anyone else with zero residual hearing such as bilateral cochlear implants or part of the 5% Deaf population with no functional sound perception has these experiences. The explanation is that the brain converts sound pressure waves or vibrations to sound. Examples are...
  18. soutthpaw

    Cochlear America's Financial Hardship Waiver.

    Wanted to share this is available. They just agreed to pay my Medicare deductible for bilateral processor upgrade. About $3200. They won't offer it up front, that will offer payment plan first. When I told them no go, They sent me the paperwork for Financial hardship assistance. You...
  19. soutthpaw

    N6, battery Life? Remote features?

    So one of my Freedoms has not worked for over a year. anyway I got approved for replacement of both my CI's. upgrade to N6 bilateral as they are approved for both my implants. For those that have an N6, I have a few questions before ordering 1: what is the battery life of the compact, and...
  20. soutthpaw

    Moved to Reno, any other Deaf here?

    Like it says, just moved here from Colorado and would like to meet any other Deaf or hearing that know ASL in the area. Just trying to make some new friends... Please no offers to attend your church. I am an Atheist...