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    What are you doing right now? Part II

    Reading leadership books.
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    Does Anyone Use Psychic Services?

    Face-to-face with writing is my go to for almost everything. Phone calls are nice, but the energy of the interaction is weaker. I find I can really tune in better and feel things out more in person. Though I will say I'm not averse to calls. Wishing you the best, Wendy! Thank you for being...
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    How would you rate your personal sex life?

    OMG. You all are cracking me up!!!
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    Any deaf entrepreneur?

    I'm one! Happy to meet more Deaf entrepreneurs. :)
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    Can HOH genuinely identify as Deaf?

    There is ample discussion that CODAs, or hearing children of Deaf adults are culturally Deaf. I support this, because they clearly show the same value system and language. If hearing CODAs can be Deaf, I feel that there is no reason a person who is HoH can't be Deaf. They have my full support.
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    What are jobs for slow person?

    Here are some links that can help answer that question: Overnight Stocker:,17.htm Grocery Stocker:,15.htm The site probably has more related stocker jobs...
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    Greetings from India

    @Deaf Warrior, I might also have some other suggestions for people to contact. If you send me a direct message on here with your e-mail, I can pass on some contacts who might be able to help. Wishing you all the best! Any way I can help, I'd be happy to.
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    Greetings from India

    Hi @Deaf Warrior, I don't work with the World Federation of the Deaf. You can contact them at and ask them for more info how they can help you? It is very sad about the lack of disabled rights and corruption.
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    Greetings from India

    Hi @Deaf Warrior! Pleasure to meet you. Good luck too! Have you contacted the World Federation of the Deaf?
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    Did you know that people who suffer hearing loss are more prone to developing dementia?

    If I recall right, deafness exacerbates risk for Alzheimer's and dementia because it creates social isolation. There is a relationship between social isolation and Alzheimer's. This risk is reduced in people who have structured their lives around high quality social interaction and...
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    What's Your Biggest Frustration in the Tech World?

    That's awesome, @Barbaro. I didn't know about the Udemy Python Bootcamp. Thank you for sharing!
  12. Muse

    What's Your Biggest Frustration in the Tech World? Search for Python. Most, if not all, should be CC and free. They have several courses around Python. "Programming Foundations in Python" and "Data Structures and Algorithms in Python" are two of many. Hope that helps both of you!!
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    What are jobs for slow person?

    I love your pun! :) Agreed. This is why we have OSHA and FLSA. Slightly off point, I recall a study that shows worker mortality goes up 5% for every 1% decline in unionization attributable to Right To Work.
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    What are jobs for slow person?

    This might unfortunately be more common than we thought:
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    Person Below Me

    Tomatoes are my favorite! Except technically they're a fruit, not a vegetable. In that case, asparagus! Nom nom nom. TPBM, what's your favorite fruit?
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    Person Below Me

    Smoooooooothie! I love making smoothies. TPBM: what do you like making?
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    Hahahaha! I loved this! Thank you for sharing, @Barbaro!
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    Nod, agreed. I have a friend who has a thyroid issue and her weight is a challenge. She tries hard and I respect her a lot for it. Also what "careful diet" means is not always clear. I know what it means to me because I've spent years experimenting on my body and know exactly how my body...
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    Can you recommend fiction with Deaf characters?

    There's "Tripping the Tale Fantastic", which has the work of multiple Deaf writers. I don't think all of the contributions have Deaf characters but some are bound to. You can find it via an Amazon search.