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  1. deafskeptic

    Bill Keane the creator of comic strip Family Circus dies

    Source is Denver Post. I was not a big fan of Family Circus but I think many will miss him.
  2. deafskeptic

    I'm going to the ER soon and I may be gone a few days.

    Just so you guys know, I should have gone to ER hours ago but i will be going there in a few minutes. I have an infection on my leg and I hope that I won't be hospitalized for my infection. My doctor wants me to go to ER.
  3. deafskeptic

    KKK protests Westboro Church at Military Funeral

    Source is TruTV. No, you guys didn't misread this :P
  4. deafskeptic

    Things That Celbs Wish They Hadn't Said.

    Here's the link. It's good for a few laughs. I'm not sure I want to know the exact relationship that Robert Pattinson has with his dog. :iough: :giggle:
  5. deafskeptic

    Cooking Disasters -Tell Us About Your Disasters

    I'll start with me. When I was cooking my soup with pasta in the slow cooker for the first time, I put pasta in the crockpot and cooked it for the next 8 hours. It came out a mushy mess. :P I remember cooking my carrots in brown sugar for 15 mintues. My carrots tasted more like my recently...
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    Kripsy Kreme Burgers? No, I'm Not Making This Up.

    Here's the source: CBS I'm passing this one up. :P
  7. deafskeptic

    Spray on clothes coming to you in the future!

    Url is at this site. I wonder if it'll be one of those things to take on the world or just one of those weird inventions that will gather dust. I don't see it being accepted by those with bugles in all the wrong places. What are your thoughts on this?
  8. deafskeptic

    Real Goverenment grants and fraud?

    A question about applying for government grants and a possible case of fraud. Some deaf person contacted me via face book and told me about some guy named officerjoel whom she says can get me a government grant but it turns out that I would need to pay money to get a grant and this sound...
  9. deafskeptic

    Which famous author do you write like? A fun site tells you which one.

    Here's the link. I copied and pasted some of my posts on AD into that site and I got J.R.R Tolkien. That came as a surprise to me cuz I thought my prose was similar to Stephen King. Have fun with this site!
  10. deafskeptic

    Is This A Scam?

    I got a curious message on Facebook and I'm wondering if this is a scam? Anyone else get that on their FB account?
  11. deafskeptic

    Coffee Party Movement: An Alternative To Tea Party

    Here's something that's of interest: Source is CNN. It seems to be gaining popularity. We'll see how this party works out.
  12. deafskeptic

    Mexico City Law Allowing Same-Sex Unions To Take Effect.

    Source is CNN. This came as a surprise to me but then I admit that I'm not familiar with Mexican culture or politics.
  13. deafskeptic

    South Dakokta Legislators To Schools: Teach "Astrological" Cause of global warming

    I'm like WTF? when I saw this. Source is thinkprogress. I rarely go there but I was surfing a different forum when I came across this link. I'm not feeling very optimistic about our educational system right now.
  14. deafskeptic

    Survey: Most Americans belive the government is broken.

    Source is CNN.
  15. deafskeptic

    911 Dispatcher Saves Own Son from Choking.

    Source is WXPI. I'm not sure I'd be able to stay calm if i were in his shoes! :shock: Kudos to him.
  16. deafskeptic

    Gallup: Despite GOP Gains, Most States Remain Blue

    Source is Gallup: Here's a link to the rest of the stats which counts states that leans democratic, percentage point and numbers of interviews in each state. From what I see, the GOP is making only modest gains despite all the hype. This doesn't bode well for the near future for the GOP...
  17. deafskeptic

    Fifty Worst Cars Ever Made.

    Enjoy! Here's the url. Did you or your family ever own any of these cars? My brother used to own a white Triumph Stag converitable though it was a later make than the one mentioned on this list. The thing broke down all the time. It even broke down the night of his wedding. I remember it would...
  18. deafskeptic

    The Secessionist Campaign For the Republic Of Vermont

    Source is Time. I just came across this article and it's of interest to me: I wonder if anything will come out of it. Their politics are not exactly mainstream but then neither are the Teabaggers.
  19. deafskeptic

    Cops: Pot grower calls to get his plants back and get arrested.

    Source is CNN. Didn't this guy think something was fishy? Some people aren't too bright.
  20. deafskeptic

    Kids Begs Drunken School Bus driver To Stop.

    Source is WIVB. I think that was irresponsible of her do drive drunk and she's lucky no one got hurt. I think the courts were a bit lenient on her.