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  1. VamPyroX

    Wanna make a cheaper Egg McMuffin?

    I just realized that I miscalculated the cost of one of the ingredients. The overall cost is really $1.02. :)
  2. VamPyroX

    What your favorite funny TV commercials?

    I like the Michael J Fox Pepsi commercial with him on the library at a copy machine. :) I also like the "Bo Knows..." commercial. :)
  3. VamPyroX

    Wanna make a cheaper Egg McMuffin?

    I'm back... I did the math. If I buy everything listed above at the store and break down the cost to each sandwich, it would be $1.09 each. :)
  4. VamPyroX

    Soylent.ME What do you think? Reminds me of the movie, Soylent Green.
  5. VamPyroX

    Woman Sets Record for World’s Largest Hips

    I remember reading about her last year. Wow...
  6. VamPyroX

    Wanna make a cheaper Egg McMuffin?

    I don't even use the machine! I can buy pre-cooked sausage patties, pre-cooked egg patties, pre-cut cheese slices, and pre-cut muffins. I just toast and microwave as needed and I'm done. I'll give you the cost breakdown later.
  7. VamPyroX

    Is this good for deafes? Future menu ordering

    Most of the self checkouts have visual instructions. Sadly, a lot of customers don't follow them. Those self checkouts have scales in the scanning area and the bagging area. And customers don't always put the items in the bagging area. That messes up the process. *groans*
  8. VamPyroX

    AIM problems

    I still use AIM for work. :) I used it a lot when I was in college. I continued to use it after I graduated college... for a couple years. I stopped in 2009, except for relay calls on my smart phone. Started again last year for work.
  9. VamPyroX

    If a doctor tells you

    Which your spouse takes through divorce when she/he finds out you regretted the marriage in the first place...
  10. VamPyroX

    If a doctor tells you

  11. VamPyroX


    Sometimes, the original no longer has an appeal to newer audiences. So, they remake it or reboot it. Some newer people thought the original Star Wars trilogy sucked, but liked the new trilogy.
  12. VamPyroX

    Bones and 4400?

    I watched the whole series of The 4400. Interesting show, but I was disappointed when they cancelled the series after a few seasons. :(
  13. VamPyroX

    Internet Browser

  14. VamPyroX

    Funny movie scenes you liked

    Anything by Mel Brooks. :)
  15. VamPyroX

    Twilight Zone 'Deaths head revisited '

    I used to watch a lot of the original series. I never knew they continued the series at least twice until I was in college. I finally got my hands on the DVDs, but they were not captioned. :(
  16. VamPyroX

    The X-Files Returns to Fox After 13-Year Break

    I'm looking forward to this! I wonder if the 6-episode thing is a test to see if it's worth bringing the series back for good.
  17. VamPyroX

    Secret Game on the Z-20

    For those of you who have a Z-20... Press the address book button 10 times. Your secret game will appear. Use the arrow buttons for control. Enjoy!
  18. VamPyroX

    5 Banking Services That Will Be Obsolete in 10 Year

    The author of the article could be biased. Often, our opinions are based on what we see ourselves. If you never go to the bank, how do you know the bank isn't used often? Ever notice how suddenly everyone has the same car as you do... after you start driving your car? For instance, your friend...
  19. VamPyroX

    5 Banking Services That Will Be Obsolete in 10 Year

    LOL That's true! I still see them everywhere. The others day, there was one at the Dollar Tree!
  20. VamPyroX

    Florida public bathroom bill upsets transgender people

    ... and priests. ;)