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  1. Sutter Cane

    Simple Things That Make You Go "Ugh!"

    I'm not sure if there's similar thread but here goes... -no ink in any pen when I need one. -phone's battery life down to 10% and even worse, no charger nearby. -can't find phone or remotes or keys or anything -toilet paper rolling down to the floor after I tear it out -soggy cereal...
  2. Sutter Cane

    If it fits, I sits

    What buncha cuties! The last one made me laugh. If It Fits, I Sits The Supercut Video - YouTube
  3. Sutter Cane

    Name the Film (picture game)

    I thought we should play a game about how well do you know movies. I'm going to post a picture of a certain scene and you name the film. Whoever get the answer right first wins and will post the next picture and so on. There is no rule. You can pick any movie you want. Enjoy! I'm going to...
  4. Sutter Cane

    Scream fans: Scream is headed to TV!

    [TV] Weird! "Scream" Is Headed To TV! Wes Craven In Talks To Direct -Bloody Disgusting Hopefully the show will be good without Kevin Williamson and the original cast. Probably not as good as the movie series but I'm pretty excited if it does happen!
  5. Sutter Cane

    Fight Club's version of warning message

    I love this movie so much that I thought this is great! In some way it delivers good message. What do you think of the movie btw? The best part about the movie is all the dialogues, cinematography style and the badass character Tyler!
  6. Sutter Cane

    Any Buffy/Angel fans? (spoilers)

    I'm hoping there are some fans on here. Which show do you like better? Favorite character(s)? Favorite whatever? I just want to know your opinions on both shows. Is there a part you want to talk about? Joss Whedon loves to kill off characters so in your opinion, whose death is the saddest of...
  7. Sutter Cane

    Same Stuff in Disney's Cartoons

    Ressemblance entre Disney - YouTube
  8. Sutter Cane

    Everything Wrong with Twilight

    Everything Wrong With Twilight In 6 Minutes Or Less - YouTube
  9. Sutter Cane

    The drawings from Scary Stories series

    There are three children books called "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" told by Alvin Schwartz. Each book contains a bunch of horror short stores and some funny lyrics. Some stories are pretty interesting but since the books are for children, it lacks a lot of details. Reading the short...
  10. Sutter Cane

    20 Rules For Surviving A Horror Movie

    I was watching Scream series the other day and I'm in awe of a character (Jamie Kennedy) that knows his horror movies. Here are the rules... ----------------- #1. When it appears that you have killed the monster, never check to see if it's really dead. #2. Never read a book of demon...
  11. Sutter Cane

    Do you have cool or beautiful pictures?

    I like any kind of pictures and I enjoy looking at them.