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  1. BradB08

    Should I get Sorenson NTouch?

    I thought I would ask if I should get Sorenson's NTouch or not? I admit, I'm not a big fan of most relay services because it seems like every 6 months, my friends switch devices and I can't call them or they can't call me, etc. I'm mostly interested in the free stuff that comes with the...
  2. BradB08

    Car blogs?

    How many of you check out blogs about cars? I can rattle off a list of places to check out for those interested: Jalopnik TheTruthAboutCars Hooniverse Hemmings Car Blog Curbside Classic Car Lust Autoholics Bring A Trailer I'm sure that there are more. I can't get through my day without my car...
  3. BradB08

    Seeking new deaf friends

    I'm just wondering if anyone wants to chat? Especially folks in the Northeast. There aren't many deaf folks where I am, especially around my age. Send me a line. :cool2::naughty:
  4. BradB08

    Deafies on Reddit?

    Hello, AD! Been a while since I posted here. Is anyone else on Reddit? Just wondering. For some reason, Reddit had evaded me until now. I'm on there if anyone else is. I did an IAMA not too long about about my hobby as a DJ. Look for Deaf_Beer_Guy.
  5. BradB08

    Deaf Dating Sites?

    Are there any effective ones? I don't like regular sites. Too many hearing women are judgmental.
  6. BradB08

    Hot Canadian Girls That say "Aboot"

    Because we're all entitled to make a pointless thread, right? :lol: So, which of you are hot Canadian girls that say "aboot"? :cool2:
  7. BradB08

    VP overkill?

    I've always wondered if there were too many VP companies. I see them all the time, from Convo to Sorenson to Snap! to Purple and so on. Do others think that there are too many VP companies out there?
  8. BradB08

    I am a deaf college radio DJ

    I just wanted to stop in and visit AD. It's been months since I last did so. I didn't see a thread about it (probably didn't make one) but I just want to add that I have been working as a radio dj for nearly 2 years now (will be 2 years in May 2011). I do a show on WRUV 90.1FM out of...
  9. BradB08

    Software for captioning media files?

    Anyone know where I can find free (or cheap) software to download for captioning dvd files? There are movies that I'd love to watch but they have no subtitles or captions. I just canceled my Netflix subscription due to this.
  10. BradB08

    Anti-Immigration = Pro-Fascist

    Just keep this in mind if you support anti-immigration bills. Only Facists(if you need further information, look no further than Adolph Hitler) support closing the borders and jailing people, even legal immigrants. There are ways to work around this.
  11. BradB08

    Thank you Barry Strassler and Deaf Digest

    I didn't think you'd pick up on this but since it's a bit political in nature (mods, go ahead and move it if you must), I'm glad you noticed. My original post which is more complete than what Barry posted on DeafDigest Blue: just thought I'd send out this email to let people know that I am a...
  12. BradB08

    I'm a Deaf DJ

    Deaf Jam | Seven Days Thought I'd post this though it's a week old. I really like being a DJ.
  13. BradB08

    Let's Cheer Up The Single Folks

    Cheer up! At least you are not strapped down in an unhappy relationship. You're carefree, you can do what you want and you don't have to worry about commitment to a relationship. You're supposed to be in the prime of your life. Get out there, have some fun and make some noise! Sure...
  14. BradB08

    What's that Deaf Guy doing on the radio?

    That's right. I busted my ass off enough to get a regular radio slot, starting May 30th. Saturday nights from 8pm-11pm at wruv 90.1fm. No, I won't be talking on the radio. I mainly just play music that I'm in the mood for but I stick to the punk, ska and metal genres. For me, it's just...
  15. BradB08

    I'm a DJ now

    I just got a radio show and started it last Sunday morning (2am-4am). I will be doing it again in a few hours. Was very nervous but I have had a lot of support from the folks at WRUV that want to see me succeed. They think that having a deaf DJ is unique and it is good publicity for them. I just...
  16. BradB08

    Some prose that I wrote

    I often write prose about the things in life that make me think. Just thought I'd share a bit. I have some stuff up on Facebook and like a book full of prose that I've written over the years. Love is the Catalyst Part 1 Just when you think you're out of the woods Disaster after disaster...
  17. BradB08

    Make it so that people can't google AD users

    Can something be done about this? I do not want non-members to be able to do this. I have had two incidents where people looked up my username on AD and anything that I had posted. Is there a way to shield people from the ability to do this?
  18. BradB08

    Life is confusing

    Any advice for someone who often feels confused? While I can't imagine myself doing anything with a guy, I often have those thoughts. I know that having an experience with a guy in the past does not make one gay. However, I'm definitely open-minded to the possibility at least. I've been with...
  19. BradB08


    Is it ok to share Facebook links here? Just wondering. I have tons of deaf friends. Maybe it's a small world.
  20. BradB08

    Assaulted outside of Wal-Mart by "cop"

    Really weird day yesterday. So, I went to Mall-Wart to buy a vacuum cleaner, since they have the biggest selection around here and I needed a new one. Fairly innocent. I go and pick out the vacuum cleaner, pay for it in one of those self-checkout lanes and I proceed to go outside...