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  1. naisho

    Mobile app browsing on alldeaf now available (Tapatalk)

    AD is now integrated with Tapatalk, thanks to the implementation by @Alex. Tapatalk has free and paid versions on the iTunes and Google stores. The paid version, which is a one time fee, will let you gain additional features such as posting photos from your phone on a tapatalk-hosted image...
  2. naisho

    Should low quality firearms be eliminated or raise the price?

    Question for what gun owners think. Apparently it seems that certain guns are popular choices for criminals, whether stolen or bought. They might steal it from the poorer citizens who bought the gun to protect themselves, or have some strawman buy it for them in the store. Examples: Hi-Point...
  3. naisho

    USA: What the network carrier for your phone?

    ^ Topic ^
  4. naisho

    Do you like to post on AD on your smartphone?

    Couple of questions today for AD members. I'm putting up this poll to see what the majority of our active members tend to use AD, to get a better gauge if they like to use AD on their smartphones.
  5. naisho

    iPhone 5S

    Some rumors/pictures are starting to come out from the apple factory in China. Budget iPhone casing and iPhone 5S chassis captured - news More images of the alleged budget iPhone shells leak - news Also there will be a budget iphone for cheaper...
  6. naisho

    Fireworks banned?

    Does your city/county ban fireworks? Some of California is kind of weird, lighting fireworks are illegal in a lot of cities, but it's legal in a city right down the street so people can buy it next door. Canadian and Australian and other countries are welcome to share their experience too.
  7. naisho

    Japan's Amazing Rice Paddy Art Continues to Dazzle

    Not really any kind of current event news, but pretty cool news nonetheless. Japan's Amazing Rice Paddy Art Continues to Dazzle
  8. naisho

    LCD Screen Technoloy in smartphone & computers

    You may be noticing the difference between LCD panels? Same thing in the smartphone industry now. IPS, TN, TFT, SLCD, etc.
  9. naisho

    Triple parent babies

    :hmm: not sure how I feel about this. It's basically breeding optimal fetuses for the best qualities at the simplest definition. In the future when technology becomes even more diverse, they could probably phase out birth deafness or other conditions (blindness, mental illness etc) just by...
  10. naisho

    VRS spam mail?

    Did you sign up for VRS services online? I'm curious do you think they gave out your email address and give you spam mail? Last year I signed up for purple with an email account that I don't use for online registration. Since last year, I've noticed I have been getting a lot of spam mail every...
  11. naisho

    Obsession on deafness or disability?

    Do you think there is a point where someone is too 'crazy' about their views or opinion on their deafness or disability? This can also apply to family like child, spouse, relatives, etc. Crazy enough that it becomes obsessive? I feel like I can see it going both ways on deafness issues, from...
  12. naisho

    Have you reported to the police?

    Question: Have you ever reported someone (or something) to the police? I can remember, I reported someone once about 10 years ago. It was around midnight at a town center and I saw a guy in an old suspicious black van arguing with a lady in the back seats with the door open and it looked...
  13. naisho

    Special Smartphone & Tablet (with picture)

    Everyone know about the regular smartphone and tablet now - iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, One, Blackberry, etc. What about the other models that have special design - anyone ever tried these device? What you think of them? There may be others I don't know about or forgot to add. If you know of other...
  14. naisho

    Recent Deaf MD

    I saw this from a deaf vlog. Thought some of you may be interested that there is a recently graduated deaf guy who is a MD now. It looks like he is in Wisconsin. Medical Marvel: Mequon man becomes the first deaf doctor ever to graduate from the University of Wisconsin - TODAY'S TMJ4 Seeing...
  15. naisho

    Let's be honest

    Have you (ever) lied or given a half-truth about yourself, who you are or what you do - online to a forum, or chatroom, email, so on? Do you think you are more likely to lie or give half-truths to people you don't know (internet) or people you know (family, friends) via internet than in real...
  16. naisho

    Some jailbroken iOS devices with iMessage getting hacked/spammed by Anonymous

    iMessage DDoS attacks foreshadow a bigger threat - SlashGear that's terrible jailbroken iOS device is risk to hackers.
  17. naisho

    Would you give felons a second chance?

    Lots of topics about bad guys lately. I was wondering about how AD'ers felt about them directly in person. If you find out a person was a felon who went to jail or prison, do you give them a second chance the next time you meet them? Discuss if you want to share your reasons why you don't...
  18. naisho

    Murder and rape charges could be dropped against deaf man Oswaldo Martinez

    Three charges dropped against Oswaldo Martinez - Old case story: Untitled
  19. naisho

    Deaf UK postman bitten by dog, leads to charges against homeowner

    BBC News - Deaf Fife postman bitten by dog leads to police charge
  20. naisho

    Gay deaf man sues D.C. police/jail (city) for mistreatment

    Gay deaf man sues city for mistreatment