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  1. babiepine101

    Man got caught for filming his hidden cam on his...

    You have to be some kinda stupid to even think to do such a horrible thing and to your mother-in-law...gross! :nono:
  2. babiepine101

    Any jacksonville, florida meet ups?

    Hey Guys! I live in the Jacksonville Florida area and are looking for meet ups at Starbucks, DPHH's, bowling, parks etc. to meet new people. I am currently studying to be come a certified sign language interpreter and would love to continue working on my ASL skills. If anyone has any...
  3. babiepine101

    why do hearing people think they better than us?

    I have to agree with the post above when they say that ALL hearing people are not like that. I think there are naive hearing people out there who know not of or very little about deaf culture and shame on them for belittling deaf individuals because I know MANY deaf people who are intelligent...
  4. babiepine101

    Man stole six XXX DVD movies and...

    Thank god for the internet :wink: That kid needs to get into the new technology lol. The things people will do for a little bit of satisfaction. (-_-)
  5. babiepine101

    Elephant-Poo Power Electrifies Zoo

    All I can say is...genius! That's amazingly disgusting.
  6. babiepine101

    Have you ever heard of Keith Wann? :)

    He is AMAZING!! I went to a few of his performances at a silent weekend down in Orlando--such a crack up.
  7. babiepine101

    What drink did you have today?

    I had a Gatorade bottle but not just any Gatorade. It was the one that was with the orange little twist top. I don't know if anyone is familiar with that but I think they are neat! I am actually going to go to the store to pick up another one. tee hee hee
  8. babiepine101

    Helpful Tortoise Gets a Friend back on its feet

    This made me ::smile:: (hehe)
  9. babiepine101

    Human Slingshot Slip and Slide

    That is awesome!! I would definitely participate in a human sling shot. ::giggle::
  10. babiepine101

    What are some good movies with deaf characters/about deaf culture?

    Switched at birth! I watched it a few weeks ago. It's short but good. I highly recommend it. =D
  11. babiepine101

    Suckerpunch - the movie

    I like the movie. It was interesting how when the main character danced she was able to trance those people, collect the items, and then set her free. I didn't like the ending all that much though. It would have been better if they all got out or something and not just that one girl. I didn't...
  12. babiepine101

    What Degrees Do You Think Is Most In Demand?

    I agree 100% with beach girl. No degree is worth it unless you love what you do. :) Good luck!
  13. babiepine101

    What did you do today?

    Hi! I drove six hours it Naples! One long trip.
  14. babiepine101

    Popping the Question

    :dance:I agree. Just a fun question to see people's responses.
  15. babiepine101

    Popping the Question

    :dance:For all those couples and singles out there, what is your input on the "right" age for a guy to "pop the question"? Is there a "right" age or is it all determined by a person's emotions? Respond if you have any thoughts. :wave:
  16. babiepine101

    How is your weather today?

    :dance:I am originally from Jacksonville but I was on my way to Naples and the weather was stormy-I loved it!:giggle:
  17. babiepine101

    Boy Kills Parents then has Party!!

    :dance:I saw what the kid looks like and he is just another disappointment to society. Pretty sad it's happening in the state of Florida. First the Casey Anthony trial and now Tyler Hadley. I am from Florida and highly disappointed. :shock:
  18. babiepine101

    Public speaking experience in front of an audience?

    :dance:I am currently in a speech class and I am nervous EVERY time an assignment is due because we have to go in front of the class and perform. Any suggestions on how to ease the panic?
  19. babiepine101

    Arrived at new home in Florida

    :dance: That's exciting! I live in Jacksonville-30 minutes from St. Augustine. I am studying to become a sign language interpreter. Good luck at the new school! I have heard great things about FSDB. :wave:
  20. babiepine101

    Anxiety, Stress, Mental Health...

    :dance: I have been a worry wart all my life and I can't sleep because my mind is racing all the time. I also have a bit of OCD as well. Living this kind of life isn't healthy so it's advised that we all go to a doctor/therapist. I can definitely relate. Sometimes I wonder if...