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    Does anyone keep "old" c.i. component boxes or should i toss them?

    I had the implant @3 years ago but kept the boxes for all the returns. They're all labeled (by me) w/a date and what the issue was. Is there any valid reason for me to hang on to empty boxes for cables, processors, clips, you name it I've probably returned it. I may have needed the boxes for...
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    Only for Deaf (as in always) - Can you understand music?

    Folks: This applies only to those who were likely deaf in the womb. Can you understand music in any way? Like do you know what a musical scale would be or what a rhythm or perhaps more difficult, a melody is? When I went to a concert at the Freemont School for the Deaf in CA, (husband of a...
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    FL became the 36 state to allow same sex marriage

    I don't need a link to an article as this is pretty common news. While it was fine the federal government gave same sex marriage equal rights, at a state level, they were not always in synch. I sent some requests to different media to ask them how does filing at a federal level mess up not...
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    Try this on for size from the Wash. Post I enjoy O'Henry endings and this has one. Bon reading.
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    Interested in your responses to Monsanto, Roundup, and Autism I'm just curious as to how many people believe this. If anyone is from around Tom's River (NJ), please let us know. Thanks.
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    A quiz from a prior teacher - What's cloud to you and what are the implication

    This is out of curiosity. Who knows what cloud computing is. Are there implications from using it? I was an elem ed, sign language (not for Deaf), computer hardware teacher and other things along the way.
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    Do those of you who are HH or with a CI have tricks to understanding the world?

    Here's an example of what I used to do to decipher what's said in conversation when I had naturally bad hearing (no CI at that time, just HAs). Of course, this goes without saying I read lips. 1. Counted the number of syllables. 2. Detected intonation. 3. Read body language, which is where...
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    CI on head ?

    I'm currently unable to get a response from the fellow who did the surgery for my implant. Perhaps someone knows what's happening. I don't have local CI experts. When the implant was done, it protrudes on my mastoid. There's also a movable "tube-like" thing that runs directly to the back of...