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  1. SilenceGold

    SEE (Signing Exact English) is the best sign language for a child to start with..

    Every time I met an intelligent Deaf person either during or before the middle age - I have always asked whether this person has started with ASL, SEE or any other sign language.. I haven't encountered any of them saying ASL. When I say intelligent - I mean those who are capable of logical...
  2. SilenceGold

    I'm the ghost from the past..

    See here: Anyone missed me?
  3. SilenceGold

    I'm going to be in chatroom for a while..

    The chatroom has been talkative for the last 10 I'll be around during that time...hope the rest of you can make it. Those of you who are new....can use this chat icon which you would see here.. at the top of this page. Hope to see you! :D
  4. SilenceGold

    ATT: Steel

    Clear out some room in your PM Mailbox. Thanks.
  5. SilenceGold

    Let's get this solved.

    Hello, I was planning to post this last night but some major issues has came up which I had to hold off. Finally I can post it now. Keep in mind that I'm posting it as a regular user (not a moderator or official supporter of AD) The point of this thread is to cover the issues of this...
  6. SilenceGold


    Nice collection of books in the back... Oh btw..nice smile! :D
  7. SilenceGold

    Lisa and I watched Xmen 2..

    We went out this afternoon to watch X-men 2 with open captions. YES, it is recommended that children go and watch. It's amazing with graphics and the plot was so good and very fitable! It was sad at the end...but oh well...hope the 3rd part comes out soon! Can't wait! (if this is the...
  8. SilenceGold

    The night is dark...

    The sun has not came up ever since it has gone down. It has been more hours than it should have been. It's all dark for my eyes to be able to see. My hand is waving around in the dark trying to find that light. It's the night of my life which I stood crying. I know I cannot see...
  9. SilenceGold

    Attn: kevbo

    ME PEPE = ME AWFUL lol
  10. SilenceGold

    Embarrassed about Arkansas..

    I'm embarrassed to be part of Arkansas where the School for the Deaf sucks in Arkansas. :/ Lawmakers Question Deaf School Resignation Story by The Associated Press Posted 6/19/2003 8:36:24 AM State legislators are the latest group to demand explanations for why the Arkansas School for...
  11. SilenceGold

    Allow View of Channel Logs?

    Hello, I am wondering if I should reveal the full channel logs of the entire channel, #alldeaf, for the users. The reason I am asking is because some of you might be more concerned about privacy. Some of you might find it useful to catch up on what you have missed. There is few from...
  12. SilenceGold

    Count all those Shortcuts on the desktop...

    The winner will get a pat on their head...if they can correctly guess how many shortcuts are on this image. :D
  13. SilenceGold

    Job Application...

    This is not an actual job application but an urban legend created to fool those readers that a 17 year old man submitted this application to Wal-Mart in Florida ... and they hired him because he was so honest and funny! PS: I didn't create it, but I copied it from other forum and paste it...
  14. SilenceGold

    What invention are you waiting for?

    Of all the inventions that the human race is gonna come up with in the next Gazillion years, which are you really looking forward too? Here's a list i prepared earlier: 1, A logical woman (got to be invented one day) 2, Never emptying chilled Lager glass (always stays three quarters full)...
  15. SilenceGold

    Bored enough to create an AD chatroom...

    I got so bored and created a chatroom... I can't give out the url until I get approved... NO offense to anyone else who already established a chatroom.. :x
  16. SilenceGold

    Dance with me...

    Here is one of my old works that I have wrote for Lisa.... When I fall asleep in your arms tonight Feel free to dream along For in each others arms Is where I belong A shoulder I can lean on A lover and a friend Someone who dreams the same Hopes this moment never ends So dance with...
  17. SilenceGold

    World Domination!

    Check out this link. WARNING: Do not click on this link if your computer case has one of the cdrom cover which may break your cdrom if your cdrom is opened.
  18. SilenceGold

    Does Duh irriate you?

    Not to me when I use it on you all people! :p Actually, it can be rude but sometimes as a joke. Next time you see me saying's a joke. Never take me seriously.
  19. SilenceGold

    Introducting my wife to ADv2!

    Hey everyone, Emeraldie just has registered! She has been around during the ADv1. She probably got interested in this board after she's been inspecting how I have been frequenting this board. :P Welcome her everyone!
  20. SilenceGold

    I accept the challenge to take as much questions as much as possible..

    Fire away. EDIT: Someone told me to post a thread to welcome people to ask questions about ME. I wasnt' thinking when I posted this Sorry..