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    Don't hold your breath. This is a PR release. A few years back we had a poster who was completely obessed with completely implantable CIs and he mistook PR releases for "IT"S AN ANNOUCMENT THERE"S A CURE!" You really have to learn to interpret the lingo of Kendall Square style businesses...
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    Depressed father drowned Deaf & Blind toddler

    That's why there needs to be the option of a pediatric nursing home for kids with severe/complex conditions. Offering such a setting probaly would cut down big time on things like this.
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    I have a unilateral BAHA. It's awesome!
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    Is it normal to be single at 27?

    Were you mainstreamed to the max? It's VERY common for deaf people to struggle socially.......if I had a buck for every single deaf (oral/and HOH included) guy who has ever IMd me wanting a girlfriend, I'd be very wealthy.
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    Phonak naida or Oticon exceed

    Awww. I'm so sorry you don't feel like you fit in. Too bad that you weren't sent to an oral deaf school back in the day.You would have found a community.
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    Phonak naida or Oticon exceed

    The only way you can figure out if it works for you, is by trying it. Hearing loss responds differently to different aids. I do suggest however, going with BTEs since they're the most powerful
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    Cochlear implants, do they help?

    Good luck on qualifying.
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    ASL going away like I predicted

    I know many HOH kids who are learning it as a second language. It's not dying. Technology has it's limits especially since at best HAs and CIs only get you up to HOH listening levels.
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    Decorate Hearing Aids

    Please don't promote Haleigh's site. Her mother spammed this site by pretending to be a hearing aid user who had them. She also pretends that her daughter came up with the idea, when it was the parents. The profits also support AG Bell. Yes, I know some people don't care or they think being...
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    Deaf child

    Get hooked up with any schools for the Deaf. They can help you!
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    Sexual Abuse of Deaf Students in Schools...

    ANd you know students can be warehoused in hearing schools too right? I know people think that a kid will get an excellent education by attending a hearing school...Like they will be in grade level classes with a 'terp, and doing very well. Sometimes that happens, but often they get placed in...
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    Sexual Abuse of Deaf Students in Schools...

    Yes. Back before mainstreaming was popular, kids were warehoused. Again, there was no surprise that really horrible stuff happened back then...but it was due to the lack of safety measures.
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    Sexual Abuse of Deaf Students in Schools...

    We all know that there's been an extensive history of abuse at schools for the deaf. That's a fact, and shouldn't be ignored. It scares me and grosses me out that stuff like that happened. But a lot of that happened b/c of the insistutionizalaion mentality. It was basicly kids being warehoused...
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    Sexual Abuse of Deaf Students in Schools...

    I get what you're saying, but the answer is REFORM and rules so that stuff like that doesn't happen in the first place. With rules and screening, you can crack down a TON on issues like this. The same thing happens in hearing schools....have you missed the stuff coming out about the sexual abuse...
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    Decorate Hearing Aids

    Those hearing aids are NOT as powerful as the BTE aids. Besides, who cares? Nobody really sees them or notices them. It's not like they are those '70's era body worn aids!
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    New CI Technique

    The issue is that technolgy is NEVER going to be as good as nautral hearing.
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    (sarcasm) Oh no, no Tousi......Haven't you ever heard of Instant Relationship?(sarcasm)
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    Hard of hearing girl from U.K

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    Coming back

    Welcome back!!!!!!!!