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    Non-Eye Blinking Challenge vLog

    9pmLrn7KeO4 Can you beat mine? Please throw your vlog with the recorded length time under my vlog thread. Good luck!

    Happy belated New Year/ Resolution

    Wow I don't come here that MUCH, sucks. LOL .. Anyway Come & check my vlog. ySgA4wKgIMU

    [TGDN]:Atlanta's Emory University Hospital to receive patient infected with EBA

    Oh No! this actually reminds me of the Outbreak Movie and Carriers Movie.

    Motorcycle Owners -

    My lovely BEAST bike - its Gixxer 600cc K7!

    Green Lantern is kicka$$ movie

    YouTube - Green Lantern - Trailer [HD] I can't wait to watch this movie on DVD when release.

    What the heck is Microsoft thinking?

    WOw, I havent see any big superstore like bestbuy is next door Circurit City or FRY's or whatever.. but why MSFT's store is next APPLE STORE? this is not brilliant idea. MSFT is copy APPLE STORE.. MSFT has 5 stores in USA, APPLE has more than 200 stores around the world and USA. MSFT got a...

    MAC Users- You will be more than happy!

    In conference, Microsoft team shows off the capabilities of HTML5 on Bing search engine. Ah Wait..wait.... why is Microsoft working with A WHAT on this!?!??!?!??!?!??! Source Do you notice anything different? :P

    Where Does Your old PC Really Go?

    Microsoft tell the world, windows is very more security and protect your data, there is no more hacker to access your data or whatever.. full of it! but there is one severe problem, If you ditched your old pc with HDD, etc @ E-waste.. E-Waste won't deleted your whole informations, etc.. Mmm, My...

    How many of people who visits

    here's a pretty simple visualisation of what's happened here: You can check these reviews in more detail at Site Profile for (rank #34,772) | Compete. Let's be face what this graph shows: Visits down from 156,364 to 68,487 over two months. ALLDEAF's complete rank is 34,772...
  10. XBGMER

    Any Phone with 8GB, 16GB or 32GB

    Whoever have experience any phone with the On-Board 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB as 3GS/ iP4 models for example. I started with SamVibrant 16GB, plus microSD 8GB ( will upgrade 16 or 32GB microSD when Foyo 2.2 is available for Galaxy S series) I use microSD 8GB for movies, wallpapers, pictures, apps. I...
  11. XBGMER

    New Android eBox console system

    They make the *Microsoft Kinect* clone eBox.. thats awesome! but Lenovo sell it in china only, because china's government banned Microsoft's Xbox 360, Nintendo's Wii, and Sony's PlayStation 3.
  12. XBGMER

    Augmented Reality is here!

    I've thought you might find this article interesting to read. Augmented Reality: YouTube - Augmented Reality is Coming to a BART Station Near You! bart station YouTube - Qualcomm's Visual Augmented Reality Platform demonstrated by Mattel Platform - Rock'em Sock'em Robots! You see that...
  13. XBGMER

    Out of many, ONE: Android Event is Today!

    Now, I am the proud owner of a Samsung Vibrant, a Galaxy-S phone on T-Mobile!! :cool2: anyway.. If You don't want a deal cellphone's agreement contact with any carrier for 2 years or wever.. You can grab the andriod tablet/slate from store without agreement contact. Good luck!
  14. XBGMER

    News for you need to know about this!!

    This morning, I just got words from twitter- The Check is Not in the Mail: Obama Administration to Start Direct Deposit Source from
  15. XBGMER

    MSFT tagREADER- just like QR-codes does.

    Awesome technology! Don't confuse things- This is Microsoft tag, QR-codes are the known black and white 2D codes. I made a tag for alldeaf site of below- If you have the reader app, and then point your phone in the general direction of the Tag reader, it will find it almost instantly...
  16. XBGMER

    What do You think about Window Phone 7?

    I did search all threads, they said no found before create this. WP7 is very impress me. i would go for WP7 which release in Nov for sure.. But I know it is little ole news. What do I Like about Window Phone 7- New innovation panoramic style Zune-Metro IU style Hubs style (with your...
  17. XBGMER

    TMOBILE HSPA+ aka 4G!

    I am twitter user- somehow, tmobile catch my attetion.. I really excite about tmobile's announcement .. HTC HD2 *H* appear on it as well? 3G, idle data & H, active data. I can't wait HSPA+ is coming in Nor*Cal!
  18. XBGMER

    nVidia's Android Tablet pawned IPAD!

    Wow, I have seeing more and more Touchscreen's HIGH-TECH in 21th Century..
  19. XBGMER

    Any Android app promotes with onscreen QR codes

    I dont have own andriod device with me.. However Interesting indeed, that android device can scanner barcode & QR codes of anything. check this out: YouTube - Barcode Scanner for Android App Downloads - AppJudgment QR codes of anything that you can scan on and see below as example...
  20. XBGMER

    Touchscreen smartphone Question

    this question is for all iphone, WM, droid phone, they are very common touchscreen phones. Anyway I actually never have own touchscreen phone in my whole life. However I wanted to give a shoot. I am looking for whomsoever have experience with their own touchscreen's virtual keyboard to be...