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    Can't believe this place is dying....

    I cannot believe how slow this place is. I remember back in the old days when this place was rocking, and everyone was here. Hard to believe things have changed. Wish the old members would return.....
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    hearing aids not accepted in the Deaf community 20 years ago?!?!?

    And this is why I advocate for deaf kids. A "new to the community" parent of a deaf kid, was told by someone who is on the extreme side of things, that the Deaf community was rabidly anti hearing aids TWENTY years ago?!?!? I know there was still some rabidly anti HA sentiment as recently as the...
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    What a neat obituary!

    It's like something out of a WWII movie!
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    Mindblown with a parental decision

    I always urge parents of dhh kids to bombard them with EVERYTHING. Meaning, speech, Sign, Cued Speech (I know, I know, but it may help as a supplement) and a variety of both Deaf and hearing interventions, such as schools, camps , social groups etc. I have a parental friend who is giving her...
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    15,000th Post And So Long Alldeaf!!!!!

    With my 15,000th post (a milestone that I have been waiting to hit for quite a few months) I would like to say SO LONG! I am going into deep lurk. This place while it has an amazing history, and I have spent lots of time here, and made some great friends here is now extremely slow. Nothing much...
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    Here's an interesting thought on oralism and how it seems to strive for "normalacy"

    I was in the tub reading a book on body image in teenagers....How come it's pretty much a given that making an average girl strive to look like a supermodel creates self hatred issues.........but making a dhh kid strive to be as like a hearing person as possible is a good noble goal?......Seems...
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    Msd expands!

    MSD welcomes more students than ever before - Schools - Frederick News-Post Looks like either there are a lot of kids struggling in the mainstream or parents who are sick of their kids being underserved in the mainstream, and who have discovered that deaf/specialized schools offer a good...
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    OK Senator trying to shut down OSD!!!!

    Oklahoma Senator trying to shut down the Oklahoma School for the Deaf | LinkedIn
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    Another MUST READ for parents of dhh kids!

    My Child With a Disability Is Not My Hero | Sarah Sweatt Orsborn
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    a must read for ANY parents of dhh kids

    Join Us In Seeing Life Differently "It was scary to step out of our comfort zone and throw ourselves into a place where we barely knew how to communicate with everyone around us, but we did it for our son. The Deaf community embraced us and we were so happy that we chose to learn sign language...
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    Evidence that historically deaf kids were thought of as mentally disabled

    I was accused of making up the fact that deaf kids were thought of as mentally disabled, back in the old days. Here is a quote that I was not making it up....... From Art and the Handicapped Child by Zaidee Lindsey,copyright 1972 pg 22 "The fact that many deaf children are only able to hear...
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    Must read for parents of dhh kids!

    Nothing Is Wrong With Your Child Really
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    the energy that a dhh kid expends on listening

    GREAT blog post that ALL parents of oral dhh kids should read: This blog post gets it! Yes, many dhh kids CAN develop speech and hearing abilty BUT it takes a LOT of energy......if they had Sign/a full toolbox of options they could do BETTER! Ian Noon: The impact of concentration fatigue on...
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    Activism alert! Help improve deaf ed!!

    Don't forget to make this call today! On June 27 you are invited to participate in a unique opportunity to advocate for improved educational results for deaf and hard of hearing students. Be part of the National Call in Day to support the Alice Cogswell Act, and tell Congress to make America's...
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    An amazing quote about ASL-English bilingalism!

    I was reading something that REALLY spoke to me! "Bilingualism is an all inclusive approach, leaving no room for failures! yet, we are constantly being framed as the ones who refuse to give parents "choices," who are militants, who are advocating for an "ASL only" route (there was never an...
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    Attention parents of Dhh kids from Texas

    Just thought I'd pass this's a retreat for families of dhh at TSD!!!!! ERCOD Programs & Services
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    Something that TOTALLY turns the theory of auditory verbal therapy on its head

    There have been claims that hearing people do not speechread. The end goal of AVT is to make a deaf kid "function" like a hearing kid with no speechreading, as it's seen as a "crutch". Check out this article: Infants May Lip Read to Learn Speech - ABC News ." Gee, I thought speechreading was...
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    really neat article on lipreading and how hard it can be

    Stanford Magazine - Seeing at the Speed of Sound - March/April 2013
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    Oralists gone wild...............

    Oralingua shuts down on sour note as fight breaks out between school official, parent - Whittier Daily News WOW! A GRADED oral school shutting down! Most of the other ones that have shut down were the oral speech schools (oral preschools) Seems like a lot of OPTION schools are...
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    Good bilingal schools that have good bimodal services?

    I have a parent on another list who is looking for a bilingual school that has good bimodal (oral training services) She's very interested in Sign, but is also really wanting oral training b/c her daughter's speech is unintelligible.... I've already suggested Maryland School, Kansas School...