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    Do You Keep Lights On All Night?

    I mean keep your Christmas tree lights on all night while you sleep? I don't but I know people who do. I don't think it safe because it can cause a fire. How about you?
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    Green Peppers

    I love green peppers.I like them fried,raw,stuffed etc. If I can I will put them in anything. Do you like green peppers?
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    At What Age?

    My daughter lets the boys age 5 and 7 watch horror movies. They love them but I don't think she should because they are way too young. They keep coming to the house to borrow my son's DVDs like " Cujo", " Jaws", "Fright Night", "Sleepaway Camp 2" etc. and the boys seem to be getting into horror...
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    Christmas Cards 2009

    If you want a card from me just PM me, this is for the ADers that I know and trust if you are new and I don't know who you are do not PM me because I don't give out my address to everyone :wave:
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    Rude Girlfriend?

    My son's girlfriend said something yesterday that piss me off. She is having a little trouble hearing sometimes and my daughter said to her that maybe she needs to get her hearing test and might need HAs and the girlfriend said " I'm not getting HAs they are for old people" I got piss off and...
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    This is funny

    Marriage (Part I) Typical macho man married typical good-looking lady, and After the wedding, he laid down the following rules: "I'll be home when I want, if I want and at what time I want -- and I don't expect any hassle from you. I expect a great dinner to be on the table unless...
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    Does anyone know?

    I have two questions. 1) Does bobbie pins and Q-tips in the ear cause more hearing loss? 2) Has anyone ever get tinnitus from too much caffeine?
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    What Did You Do?

    What did you do as a kid that your parents never found out? I remember when I was 7 years old I kill my frog (didn't mean to do it) and blame it on the dog. :shock: I let the water over flow in the bathtub and act like I knew nothing about it. :lol: I got drunk at a friends house that I...
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    Drama Queen

    I was telling a friend the other day that I am a drama queen when it comes to taking long car trips for one thing I hate trucks and I hate traffic more than anything and always thinking the worst that's when I'm driving, now when someone else is driving I have been told that I am the worst back...
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    Disgusting Coworkers

    This was posted all over the women's bathroom at work and I wonder if anyone else has to put up with disgusting coworkers?. Attention!!! Please do not wipe filthy objects on the bathroom wall or leave waste on the commodes.Try to keep a clean environment here...
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    What is Your Favorite Fireworks?

    I love Roman Candles :) Someone told me that its a felony to have M80s and M60s in West Virginia :shock:
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    Post your Test

    I wanted to post my last test.
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    One Of those Days?

    I got up at 5am this morning to go to work, when I pull into the parking lot it was empty, come to find out it was no work today and the boss made the announcement yesterday over the loud speaker and I miss out because I can't hear and no one told me what he is was saying on the speaker, so does...
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    Hey Birthday Girl!

    I know its a day early I want to wish Koala Happy Birthday!
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    Dessert Test

    Now don't cheat. Go with the first dessert you choose. If all the eight desserts listed below were sitting in front of you, which would you choose (sorry, you can only pick one!). Pick your dessert and then look to see what psychiatrists think about you. It is pretty accurate! Here are...
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    Does AD Make You Hungry? Part 2

    Do you eat while on AD?
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    Are you brake happy?

    Is anyone brake happy? what I mean is someone who use their brakes too much, I am very brake happy that is why I hate winter driving :eek:
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    Not Again!

    Around the holidays every year I get food that I don't want as gifts.There are two things I can't stand is fruit cake and chocolate cover cherry's in a box they make the hair on the back of my neck stand up because they are way too sweet,how about you is there any food you get around the...
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    Someone has a Birthday

    Happy Birthday,Secretblend!
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    What Is The Worst Movie You Ever Seen?

    For me I think the worst movie I ever saw was "Them" it really sucks,so what is the worst movie you ever seen?