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    Game Of Thrones Discussion

    Does anybody watch the TV show named Game of Thrones? What do you think of last Sunday, Battle of Bastards? For your information, there will be the last episode this weekend. Be expected this thread contains minor to major spoilers. Read at your risk!
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    It seems I can't find an option to edit my signature? Does anybody know where it is?
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    Hello, AD'ers. It's really important to talk with her. I checked her profile but she is inactive since March 2014. Is there anyway I can contact to her? Please know me, thanks. I just sent her a PM yesterday. -- Karissa
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    A Cancer-seeing Glasses If it's true, that's so awesome! :D
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    Audism on Wikipedia May Be Deleted

    While I am still working on Switched at Birth Wikia, I am about to write up on some information for audism, I notice that the notice message on Wikipedia said: So I had to look in their edits history and it's little disheartening to see wiki users are not convinced audism has enough sources. :(...
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    Humans (2015) I wonder, have you watched that show called "HUMⱯNS"? I find it's pretty good show. It's more of philology (sp?) and science fiction. I watched 3 episodes now and waiting for next episode this Sunday.
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    KarissaMann05 Returns

    It'd been while since the last time I visited here on September 3, 2014... I got bored and decided to check here out again. So, I just want to say hi everyone! How are you doing? :D Cougar
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    Speak English!: Racist Revolt As Coca-Cola Airs Multilingual ‘America the Beautiful’

    Well, I think it's wonderful commercial. Do anybody remember Cheerios? It was so lovely. :)
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    Without Using an Embryo or Genetic Material

    via Discovery News Impressive! :shock:
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    School ditches rules and loses bullies

    It looks like it is an effective plan. What do you think?
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    Bird Loves Ray Charles :lol:
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    I2G - Infinity 2 Global

    I2G - Infinity 2 Global - Business Presentation with ASL Sign Language - YouTube Thoughts, anybody?
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    Jen Doods and Her Experience

    via Limping Chicken Site
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    Childfree is Now More Acceptable

    I think USA probably will have just one child per family in future. While it's nice to see childfree is more acceptable, I think it's kinda weird to not see many children anymore if it happens in future. Hmm...
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    Preparing Kids for Future Apocalypse

    I know this is satire, but I'm curious, what do you think? Sorry, it seems the video does not have CC or subtitle...
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    High School Student Disarms Gunman… Gets Suspended?

    Oh, no, don't bother to save people's lives! Just let gunman shoots them, so you don't get suspended, anyway! </sarcastic> ... Seriously. What a terrible message to send. :( That student shouldn't experience that way like that... He deserves some praise!
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    Games Still Have to Deal with Sexism

    David Cage: “Games still have to deal with some kind of sexism” Beyond: Two Souls writer David Cage has stated that he didn’t consciously make the game’s star female, and that the games industry still needs to think hard about the issue of gender. He believes the tide is slowly changing...
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    WARNING: Hartz and Other Similar Products

    Currently, I just learned something that is so important to watch a message video and to read some information about Hartz and another similar products. Wow, it's so horrible!! I added a few stories whose are from Hartz Victims dot Org. You probably don't have any problem with those toxic...