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    M-Disc is a DVD made out of stone that lasts 1,000 years

    M-Disc is a DVD made out of stone that lasts 1,000 years | ExtremeTech
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    Democratic Party presidential candidates, 2012

    I was curious about who are the Democratic Party presidential candidates for this year. I googled it and found this link: Democratic Party presidential candidates, 2012 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I laughed at the name Vermin Supreme. I didn't know that he is a perennial candidate...
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    Hearing Loss and Dementia Linked in Study

    Hearing Loss and Dementia Linked in Study - 02/14/2011 I think it is because one get hearing loss and/or dementia is because of old age not because they are linked. If they are linked as they said, then we will find dementia in young deaf kids. I find this silly. What do you think?
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    TEDxPSU - Dr. Joseph Valente - Hearing the Unheard

    A friend put it up in my FB and I thought it is good. You have to turn on the CC. TEDxPSU - Dr. Joseph Valente - Hearing the Unheard - YouTube
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    Warren Buffet's answer to the deficit

    I got this off a friend's post on Facebook. I don't know if it is true or not. I like this anyway.
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    Extreme Makeover - McPhail family (2 parts)/autism

    Just want to let you know that there are two parts of Extreme Makeover for McPhail family. Their two boys have autism. Also Temple Grandin made her appearance. You can look it up on
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    Re-leveling in a mobile home?

    Has anyone know about re-leveling a mobile home? My mobile home sits on bare ground (no conrete slab). I got a flyer about re-leveling the mobile home and it makes sense because two of the doors won't close. It costs 200 or more depending on how much works it required. What do I need to look...
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    A question for the teachers of the Deaf....

    I was reading a paper send by Posts From Hell when I learned of the requirements for the Teacher of the Deaf's license. It is required in some states that the teacher took courses on Deaf Education in the pathological view. I think the requirements should be changed. What are your opinions???
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    Had anyone ever bought a course from The Great Courses?

    Some courses at The Great Courses are on sale. I was wondering if anyone had purchased a course (DVD) from this company. I want to know how deaf friendly it is. Thanks.
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    "The End": a video production by BSLBT (interesting!)

    This video called "The End" is very interesting and it talks about the Deaf Culture disappearing over the years. It is captioned for us as it is in BSL. BSLBT > Zoom >
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    Grandview district fighting ruling that it failed boy with severe hearing problem

    Grandview district fighting ruling that it failed boy with severe hearing problem | Yakima Herald-Republic I checked and there is Washington School for the Deaf. Why didn't they send him to WSD??? I don't like it when a deaf child suffers education-wise.
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    The problems of covering that drywall seams

    I am stuck at this. I want to improve my mobile home. The walls are drywalled and the seams were covered by thin strips of wood (strips itself were covered by white paper). I hate that so I removed all the wood strips. I was told to put joint compound on the seam and then paper it over with a...
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    What do you call......

    What do you call a person who thinks he is doing good works but he is actually doing serious damage???? Hypocrite?
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    Spermatogonial stem cells can be turn into pancreatic beta cells, which make insulin

    Stem cells used to make pancreas, gut cells | Reuters
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    buying a back up adapter in case D-link adapter goes bad?

    Where can I find a compatible adapter for my VP? I got my VP hooked up less than a month and the D-link went bad. The Sorensen Tech said that they will mail me a new one (5 to 7 days). I thought it was a bad idea to wait for it if I am running a home business hence my looking for a compatible...
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    I want men's point of view on this.....

    I have been wearing slacks since I started high school. Back in college, I wore slacks. One hot summer day, I decided it would be better for me to wear a summer dress than slacks(I don't think it is proper to wear shorts to classes). All of the sudden the guys were more attentive to me, starting...
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    A good free email site?

    Is there a good free email site? I just signed up with Verizon and I need to get a free email address as Verizon don't provide it. Is there a free email that is good with security? Thanks!
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    Tooth fairy's going rates?

    I just watched "Tooth Fairy". I notice that the kids got a dollar for the tooth in that movie. In my time, it was a quarter or maybe two. The question is how much did you get it for your tooth or how much did you decided on your kid's tooth??? Just curious about the 'inflation'.
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    Bloom Box that cut heating bill in half??

    Bloom Box: Will you finally be able to kiss off your electric company? Is that too good to be true? I would love to have it if it is true.
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    Anybody in Alpha Zeta Beta or know alot about greek groups? I have questions for you.

    I like to look thru now and then whenever the mood strike. One of the dead females has unusual jewelry and I hope to find her identity via that jewelry. It is a sorority pin or a charm piece from 1946.