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  1. Carlos Ruiz

    Any deaf entrepreneur?

    Any deaf entrepreneur over here?
  2. Carlos Ruiz

    Better communication.

    What sort of communication or tools do you use to keep up a conversation with hearing who don't sign at all especially in crowded places?
  3. Carlos Ruiz

    Hello everyone! Not new here. Been a while but my first introduction.

    Hello everybody! Haven't introduced myself but been here for a while. I'm Carlos, from Mexico been living in FL for 6 years. I'm constantly evolving myself at a salvage speed every single day. All I know it's that I work hard to be in my ideal life. A lone wolf, avid reader, deaf, very...
  4. Carlos Ruiz

    Overwhelmed trying to meet new people

    What do you feel uncomfortable when meeting new people? I'm much better when it's just 1 person. How do you do when you feel 'I wanna meet that group' in front of you? I need not feel over-efforted sensation or under much pressure because it's hearing loss so challenging. Any tips are welcome!
  5. Carlos Ruiz

    Surfing a dating site.

    What can I say? I'm a deaf man. I just started to use a dating site for hearing people, see how it goes. I would like to know someone who succeeded to use it and give me some advice with some of you who got experience and know it works. What could you write about yourself knowing you are the...
  6. Carlos Ruiz

    Anyone in the south of florida? or in miami?

    Well, I'm here for more deaf, hh male and female friends and then if possible we go out with ASL and spoken languages such as Spanish and English :)