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  1. hacker


    ;] im here ad again.
  2. hacker

    The Frist Deaf hacker Owner AIM Screen name is "TTY"

    rofl, I just Exploited aol/aim since today got patched at 3:45pm im me my sn is "tty"
  3. hacker

    AIM Screen Names

    Any one here are in interestian to buy screen names? I am accept on usd ( If you like to buy screen names? IM me on sn "Lid" brothers - 5 popos - 5 zohar - 5 cmos - 10 jockey - 10 kissey - 10 prance - 10 radon - 10 receive - 10 agency - 20 cori - 20 dlo - 20...
  4. hacker

    i'm back?

  5. hacker

    ADV2 prog CHAT

    download ADV2, chat u will gotta loveit..
  6. hacker


    do adv2 have some chatroom? do adv2 have some chatroom? not aim.. use site into chatroom or what?
  7. hacker

    supz w/ kobe!!!!!!!!
  8. hacker

    I'm back!!!

    i'm back supz kid.. i was been busy w/ new job i work at paetec and i'm jr.hardware/software/programmer Administrator co-op i had enjoy my work. last week I cracked hit some AIM Screen Name I'm who frist person got that sn.. my cracker program still mad i-face and work pretty goods.
  9. hacker

    jackass the movie.

    do you like movie can you explain 10 more, paragraph form please
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  11. hacker

    yeah, we wiSh this...

    jet moto
  12. hacker

    number 9

    numb 9
  13. hacker

    Dream about of..

  14. hacker

    Picture of you broken bone/s

    Post ur pictures of your broken bone/s Here My picture of Spine Cord and Process. It was happend 1 mth ago
  15. hacker


    i like eat seafoods. :bowdown: ->seafoods
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  17. hacker

    before/after beer

  18. hacker

    where do all the bad kittys go?

  19. hacker

    baby oil!

  20. hacker