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  1. vice

    Acting "Gay"

    hah i'm one of those straight that act gay, but not all of time, only sometimes
  2. vice

    Witches alert!

    lol that could be true, or not, after all, no one knows huh? ;)
  3. vice

    One day in the backwoods of West Hollywood..

    lol saw tha joke before, but still great anyway
  4. vice

    In school one day, the teacher decided that ...

    lol as usual for the lil johnny
  5. vice

    Deaf Recipe

    lol nice recipe, too bad i cant make it
  6. vice

    Questions Not to Ask in Foreign Lands

    haha most questions i got it, and nice story u got
  7. vice

    Retiring Mailman

    lol damn the wife will be in deep trouble
  8. vice


    lol nice pic
  9. vice

    Phone joke LMAO!

    lol damn, the owner of the phone will be pissed on the guy
  10. vice

    A Crappy Date (True Story!)

    lol poor guy...
  11. vice

    Im looking for SEX

    lol nice one, maybe i should name my future cat Sex...
  12. vice

    Another TITANIC sinked!

    haha ironic indeed
  13. vice

    Bad driving....

    lol police gotta be embrassed when that happened
  14. vice

    Witches alert!

    hmm shouldn't the boobs have warts? after all witches have warts on the nose...
  15. vice

    Let me know if you are interesting to adopt this one.

    ekk i dont want the dog at all, i will be annoyed by the eyes... nice fake picture by the way ;)
  16. vice

    ---super car---

    whoa glad i'm not the driver ;-x
  17. vice


    eh white cat..
  18. vice

    Funny link! *lmao*

    ;-\ link dont work... at least for me...
  19. vice

    Divorce Court

    gee i guess the woman was dim-wit...
  20. vice

    What I Want In A Man, Original List

    lol nice one, and it makes sense